Are your ears packed tight? Do They Give the Doc a Fright?

We have been struck again. Elizabeth caught a cold and was kind enough to pass it on to the rest of us. I don’t know how kids can managed to have energy even when they are feeling miserable, but they do. 🙂 Jacob had his well-child check up today, and while he wasn’t well, it was good that I had taken him anyway.

He had started in on the cold Sat. night and has been getting worse. Yesterday he started pulling at his ears, coughing non stop, his breathing started sounding gurgley, and his nose sprang a fountain of never ending thick green goop. No fever though (well not above 99.9 anyway) and that is a good thing. So, the poor little tyke has been sleeping miserabley and looks so pathetic. His eyes are all goopy and watery and you can hear him breathing from the next room he, he is so congested.

The doctor visit paid off though, because he has a double ear infection, as our ped. put it, “Both ears are loaded.” And upon listening to his chest said that it sounds like he has some stuff down there, probably just a light pneumonia. The good news though, which saved my sanity after the pneumonia news, was that he oxygen levels read at 98. Woohoo! So, we are still doing good in that department, and I could tell the ped. was relieved to see those good numbers too. So, while the poor little tyke is sick and miserable, at least the gunk that he does have in his lungs isn’t affecting his breathing, etc. too much. We just need to keep an eye on him. (Which means I won’t sleep much in the next few days, heh.) And medicate him for his ears, which we haven’t had to do since March! Yippee! We actually made it two whole months without an ear infection! And, we haven’t even had to go into the doctor since begining of April! This is a new record, the longest I have gone without seeing our pediatrician in over a year. heh. 🙂 (especially exciting when all of those appointments have been for only one of the four kids)


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8 responses to “Are your ears packed tight? Do They Give the Doc a Fright?

  1. Sorry to hear that everyone is sick but, glad to see that Jacob sat’s are so high even with the ear infection and pnuemonia! Knock on wood other than Evan’s heart he has only had a fever once, we’ve been real lucky. Get well wishes to you all.

  2. Deb

    Poor baby and poor you! I very well know what it’s like to have a little guy with double ear infections.

    I always elevate Joseph’s head when he’s congested.

    I hope he gets better soon!

  3. Oh wow, I am sorry to hear that you have sickness in your house. But such is life with kids, I guess. They pick up everything that is going around. Hope you all are feeling better soon, especially Jacob, poor kid!

  4. Poor little guy! And you too! I hope you are all feeling better soon. Funny how us moms usually have to carry on like normal when we are sick (and when my hubby is home from work feeling ill he gets to sleep it off! Hmm, funny how it works that way!).

    Dominic had a bad cold a couple of months ago and I found it helped to put a small blanket or a towel, rolled up, under the head of his crib mattress to elevate his head a little…it put him sleeping on a slant.Seemed to help him, along with a vaporizer.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. Tracy, fabulous idea about the crib mattress! I hadn’t thought of that! 🙂 We have had the vaporizer going since Monday night (I’d hate to see how bad he was with out it). Thanks. 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear that everyone is sick, but it’s very fortunate that the well-child visit was scheduled for just the right time!! Sats at 98 even with the gunk — YAY 🙂

  7. LOL… i think that’s one of the best post titles i’ve seen in awhile. um, i’m sorry it’s inspired by the yuckie goomies though. 😦

  8. I’m so sorry about the sickness going around, but glad to know it’s not packing too much of a wallup on poor jacob. Ever since W was 6 weeks old and he got RSV any sound of weeziness sends me into a panic. With ANY child even other children.

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