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Woohoo! I am so proud of myself, let me tell you why. I loved my old template, but it was just time for something new, something more goofy! 🙂 I knew what I wanted, and I also knew that I wouldn’t find it anywhere on the web (I had looked) and so I decided something must be done about it.

My Mission: To figure out how to create my own blog template and graphics with the skeleton of a template I already had.

So first I called the web wizard (my brother who designs web pages, his link is the Creative Progression one in my extras section over there) and told him what I wanted and how the heck am I going to do this? It involved using the graphic of goofy hanging upside down with combining the words, etc. Was it possible with out fancy expensive software, etc? He told me it probably was and to ask my HHH (well, okay he said to ask Paul, but I refer to him as my HHH) what software we had that would best do the job. And that if I gave up on it because I couldn’t do it to call him and he’d do it Monday for me. Aren’t big brothers wonderful?

So then I called my HHH and he suggested 3 different possible programs that would probably do the job. So off to work I went.

I figured out how big the cow picture was and began to create a new graphic those same dimensions (which ended up being tweaked because of the composition of the cow pic) and began to add in all the elements of tthe new graphic that I wanted. The extra goofy pic, the letters, the title, etc. Then I lodged it in place in my template and began to figure out how to tweak all the coloring. Which number chagned what color, etc. I looked up the html color codes and everything. Finally I got it all put together how I liked it.

I don’t me to gloat, but I am so stoked that I actually did it! I am the bomb!

(Spins around, waving arms in air, and bopping head in rhythm)
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
I know, I am such a geek . . .


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Oh! Those Curves . . .

We never used the word, (I hunker down into a whisper, shifting my eyes from side to side to see if someone else is listening), sexy, in our home. I never heard my parents tossing the word back and forth and we didn’t have a television, so I never heard it there. I knew what the word was and what it meant, it just wasn’t a part of my daily vocabulary, and on the seldom occasion I did use it, I always felt that I was being just a bit naughty, heh. 🙂 My best friend in high school would use the word though, rather frequently and we always laughed, she probably wanted to see what it took to turn my ears red. 🙂 There was one time though, we were Juniors, and our band was qualifying for state competition once again. We were up at Lewis and Clark College. . .

“It’s not that cold!” I laughed as my friend came around the corner with a black tuxedo jacket draped on her shoulders. “Who’s jacket did you steal this time?”

“It’s my sexy clarinet player’s jacket,” she declared. She played clarinet too and I thought of the only guy that played clarinet with her. He was really cute, one year ahead of us, sandy hair with a curlyish wave, blue eyes, nice looking face, and shy as all get out. He was very quiet and reserved and had ears that liked to glow red, similar to mine.

We hooked arms and joined a couple of our other gal friends meandering towards the entrance of the college, talking about my friend’s “sexy clarinet player”, which turned into a conversation about the word sexy itself. I was laughing, and thinking how bright his ears would really turn if he knew we referred to him as the “sexy clarinet player”. We stopped at the curb chatting and as I lost interest in their “sexy” talk I saw a school bus driving toward us. I had wanted to tease her, to give her a bad time about her usage of “sexy”. I didn’t say what I meant to say though. I wanted to say, “oooh, let’s look at all the Sexy people on the buses.” But, what came out was infinitely more hilarious, and embarrassing for me. As the bus drew near I proclaimed with a soft sultry, slightly mocking voice, “oooh, let’s look at all the sexy buses.”

I realized what I had said when my friends burst into laughter, and I joined them shaking my head. “J!” she proclaimed, “you never use the word sexy, and then use it to describe a school bus!” We dissolved into gales of laughter. She made sure to let everyone know of my faux pas (but I didn’t mind, because she wasn’t mocking me, and it really was funny) and it became quite famous. One friend jokingly asked if I found the flat nose buses more sexy or the regular buses. “Oh, the regular buses definitely! So many more curves!” I declared laughing. My friend even told my scandalous story to my mom, which had repercussions as we were driving down the street.

“There’s a mail truck, J” my mom said.
“Yeah, so?” I wondered where on earth she was going with this mundane comment.
“Well, do you find them as sexy as the buses?” she asked innocently batting her eyelashes.
“Mom! She told you, didn’t she?” I asked laughing, and trying to decided if it was mortifying or not to hear your own mother use the word sexy (after all mom’s are ancient aren’t they, well, to teen agers anyway, heh). 🙂

My friend was sure to tell my HHH before we got engaged, in fact it was the first time she met him. I belive she started off with something like, “I think there is something you need to know about J and school buses . . . ” He still gives me a wink every time we pass a bright yellow bus, but I assure him, “Don’t worry HHH, they don’t begin to compare with you!”


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A Child’s Mind

I debated whether or not to post this, but it was really funny, so hopefully no one will find it offensive, heh. 🙂

Dot has reached the age where she is noticing things more, not really new things, just more aware I guess. This morning Dot stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom per usual. Apparantly she was having a small case of the runs because after a few minutes Paul hears a little voice, “Daddy, my bum is doing smashed up stinky!”


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Weekly Anamnesis #27

“Stamp it out J! Quick! Stomp on it! Stomp on it!”
With a flurry of feet I stomped all over the glowing sparks that had burst and scattered across the ground. We were gathered around the burn pile, a giant bonfire, watching to be sure things didn’t get out of control. That is how it was done when I was a kid growing up on our farm. Once a week, maybe more frequently, we had burning day where we would burn our garbage. As kids we enjoyed it and occasionally would whoop around it in a big circle doing our version of Indian dances. We always had at least one person on fire duty to keep an eye on things to be sure that things didn’t get out of control. One night, it was my turn. . .

The wind came up unexpectedly, ruffling my short blondish hair. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the first few sparks fly into the dry grass. With a crackle the grass immediately burst into flame, the wind carrying it further in the direction of our neighbor. With a shout of alarm I raced as fast as my short little legs could carry me. I burst through the back door of the farm house, “The fire is spreading! The fire is spreading!” I heard the sound of feet hitting the floor as everyone charged for their shoes, a bucket and a burlap sack. I didn’t wait. Charging on I ran to the neighbor’s house, pounding on their front door. “We need your help! The fire is spreading!” The neighbors were out the door in seconds and running after me.

As I approached the fire I could see our family lined up, stretching from the nearby pond to the fire, silhouetted against an eerie orange glow passing buckets and wet burlap sacks down the line to where my dad and oldest sister were battling the fire. The wind had died back down, but the damage was already done. The fire wasn’t big, but it had fuel now as it chomped hungrily at the parched grass. It was beatable if we worked quickly. Dad had worked on the lookout towers in the mountains of the Cascades for a number of years, spotting fires, and on seldom occasions even putting out small ones. He was a machine, beating away ceaselessly at the licking flames. I took my place in line as the neighbors began helping Dad stamp out the flames. Bucket after bucket passed through my tired arms sloshing across my arms and chest, as the fire shrank, smaller and smaller. Soon it was just a pile of embers and charred grass. We all began to soak burlap sacks and fling them on the embers, stamping across them to be sure the fire was out. We continued to beat the ground with a fury long after the red glow had diminished from the embers, smothering the heat. We could still here the hiss of steam rising into the air as our sacks whacked the ground.

Finally the hiss and the steam stopped, the ground was soaked, and the fire was out. We looked around at each other, our faces, hands, and clothes muddied with soot and water. We clapped each other on the back, congratulating each other for a job well done, shaking hands with our neighbors and thanking them for their help. There was a feeling of camaraderie, no one felt like bickering and squabbling, we had joined our forces, even if only temporarily (as siblings often do, heh) to battle something greater. I have seen that happen many times, not just in our back yard battling a spreading fire; uniting together to battle many things, standing up for each other. I learned many lessons that night as we strove together to stamp out the flames.


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Weekly Anamnesis #26

“There is a free CPR class that we can schedule you for, it is held one floor down in the NICU,” the nurse was sweet and smiling as all the nurses were. I still felt like I was walking in a fog and the thought of something slightly distracting was welcomed. My husband and I scheduled for the next available class. We thought we were just volunteering for the class. We didn’t realize that our participation was required by the condition of our son. I remember thinking through the class, “I didn’t even think about CPR, maybe I should have.” But then I realized that had I had the presence of mind to perform CPR I would have wasted valuable time and he would have died. It was good to participate in the class just to learn that I had done the right thing.

At the end of the class, the nurse teaching it accompanied us to our son’s room in the PICU and showed us where we would place our fingers, etc. It was when she had us sign the form saying we had taken and passed the class that the realization hit. It is good to be prepared, but it was an eerie feeling, participating in a class because you knew they were afraid you might really need to use it, and not on some stranger that you happen across, but on your own child.


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The Name Game

Saw this on Karen’s blog and I couldn’t resist . . .

1. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your father’s side, your favorite candy):

Diane (pronounced D-yawn thankyou) Dove

2. YOUR “FLY GIRL/GUY” NAME: (first initial of first name followed by “izzle”, first two or three letters of your last name followed by “dizzle”):

Jizzle Wadizzle

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal):

Forest Coon

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your name- last 3 letters of mother’s maiden name, first 3 letters of your [former] pet’s name repeated twice):

Jul-Ton Fri Fri

5. SUPERHERO NAME: (“The”, your favorite color, the automobile you drive):

The Emerald Dodge

I took many of the same liberites as Karen, I liked tweaking the colors, so forest and emerald are shade of my favorite color, green and I used a former pet too. 🙂 Oh, and I shortened my favorite animal as a kid, raccoon, to coon, I though it fit better. 🙂


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Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.
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This photo is from the heart walk we participated in on May 20th. I apologize about the photo, it looks like the lense got smudged or something (hopefully nothing major as I do not want to replace a camera right now) 🙂 Anyway, that is my awesome family surrounded by all the other walkers as we walk to raise money for heart research, in honor of our son who was born with a heart defect (he’s the little guy hiding in the smudge in the cart, heh). We have a found a great new community of Heart families, especially those with children who have Congenital Heart Defects. The doctors, nurses, emergency transportation people, etc. are such an important part of our community that all worked together to save our son’s life. We are grateful for them, and for the oportunity to give something back to the community.


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Re-Evaluation . . . Hmmmm . . . .

I think I need to stop blogging. Yup. I think it is a great hazard to my health. Why just this week alone I was thinking to myself, “Self nothing much has happened lately to blog about that would be really funny, adventurous, or exciting.” And then what do you suppose would happen? I take a flying leap over a fence, and not a graceful one mind you. At least afterwards I thought, “Well, self there you have it, a truly entertaining story to tell.”

I was fine with that really. I fun story to tell, but truly that is enough. Maybe it was revenge for laughing at that dog, or maybe, just maybe, I am truly the klutz I have always known myself to be. Yup, friends, goofy has struck again. She has not left the building, but is simply lurking in the dark shadows of the laundry room. Well, actually she made it out of the laundry room, within an inch of her life I might add, and is sitting (well perching would be more correct as the sitting aparatus is not too functional at the moment) at her computer. What happened? you might ask. Well, I shall tell you. . . .

Today was wash all the bed linnens and kid’s blankets laundry day. I started early and was just finishing off the last of the loads just in time for bed. We got the kids all snuggled in to their dryer sheet fresh beds and I went to fetch our linens so the bed would be ready for us when we chose to stagger into bed at some insane hour of the night. I was trying to be a sweet helpful wife as my husband hurled pillow after pillow at me, and tickled me insanely. He ran out of pillows and began to pick up the garbage bags of goodwill clothes and began to hurl those at me, complete with bombing sound effects. It was quite hillarious until I lost my ballance, (which, trust me, isn’t hard to do when being hit by a 2 ton garbage sack, heh) crashed into the stool behind me and fell on my right knee (which you remember had been previously damaged earlier this week), but hey it was only one knee, and not both. After feigning death and other such ailments to spark that grain of guilt in my hubby, I hopped up and finished making the bed. When I handed the pillows (ok, so I threw them at him, heh) to my HHH I noticed that I was short a pillowcase.

So I ventured out into the deep dark menacing recesses of the laundery room. The laundery room is located on the far side of the garage and trust me when I say there is an honest to goodness obstacle course which one must pass through in order to get there. Climbing over, darting around, ducking under, you name it, you have to do it to manuever through this place. I executed the course with ease and upon searching the confines of the room I found no missing pillow slip. I grabbed the empty hamper and headed inside.

Ahh, that I could say I handled the course with ease. Honestly I don’t know how it happened, they do say that after traumatic experiences one can suffer some memory loss . . . but what I believe happened is this:

While stepping over a small box, I was stepping around a large box, while my foot in front, as it was coming down, was trying to miss the medium box and the hamper was whacking the leg in back trying desperately to upset my delicate position. Well, it succeeded, and for the second time in one week I found myself hurling through the air with the greatest of ease and comeing down, crashing to my knees! Well, my left knee anyway. Which looks very pretty, swollen, purple, you get the idea. And I don’t quite know how I managed it but as I fell I somehow turned and bashed the back upper part of my thigh against a food storage bucket (which is the reason I am perching rather than sitting). It blossomed into the most interesting array of colors I have yet to personally witness on a human body. I let out a resounding yell which brought my HHH running, much to my changrin, who couldn’t figure out quite what to do other than laugh. But that was ok, because I was laughing trying to figure out whether to crawl, which hurt my knee terribly, or to walk, which hurt my thigh. Oh, and to add insult to injury what do you suppose I would find on my staggering return back to the bedroom? That’s right, the pillow case. And where do you suppose I found said pillow case? Right again! Resting peacefully beneath one of the bags of clothes that my hubby was hurling at me. heh. 🙂 How’s that for poetic justice?

So, you see, blogging is becoming hazardous to my health and if I keep it up much longer I might have plenty to blog about, but nothing to blog with (or sit with anyway, heh) 🙂 Well, my sitting aparatus has just plumb wore out, so I am off to stagger to bed. Night all! 🙂 (at least my bed is all made, yummy smelling, clean and cozy! hee hee)


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Love and Marriage

I found this on Sariah in Vancouver’s blog and thought it would be fun, especially since I just celebrated my anniversary with my HHH (Handsome Huggable Hubby).

Love- Tell us about your first love/crush. No, you don’t have to name names, but why that person?

I don’t remember the first person I had a crush on, but I remember the first person who had a crush on me. I was in 3rd grade. He was in 5th grade. Why he ever liked me I shall never know. But he did get a first grader to kiss me on the bus after school. Boy was I ever mad (remember I was a tomboy and boys are gross). If I remember the story correctly I decked the 5th grader and scowled menacingly at the 1st grader.

Though I do remember this kid in highschool that played soccer. I had a crush on him. He had great legs, but it was his eyes and smile that got me. He had one of those slow smiles that started out very thin but then grew and blossomed until it took over his entire face, not a hostile take-over, just peaceful negotiations. And his eyes. He had these steel grey eyes, like a stormy day at the beach. He was a nice guy too, played trumpet in band, and was respectful to others, especially girls and that was a good thing.

and Marriage- Are you married or in a serious relationship? For how long? If not, do you want to get married or be in a serious relationship someday, or are you happy with your single status? Well you all know that I am married and have been for 8 years, and I won’t bore you with the sordid details two times in one week . . .so if you are curious or have forgotten you may want to seek medical attention, an dif that fails read my Love Story post again. heh 🙂Go together like a horse and carriage- What’s the most romantic thing you done, had someone do for you, or seen done?

Well, let me start off by saying that it is not cow tipping! hee hee. Now, having cleared that up, I find a lot of little things romantic. I love it when my HHH dances with me in the kitchen while I am trying to make dinner. Or when we leave each other notes on our little message mirror. Often we sit up late at night sipping on sparkling cider and playing board and card games, laughing with each other. Those silly little traditions that just happen, such as switchbacks. When Paul and I were hiking one day, the trail was steep and windy with constant switchbacks. Everytime we hit a switchback it meant that the person in fron had to switchback and kiss the person behind. We always look forward to those now when we go on hikes. Or gazing out across a sunset on the ocean with our arms wrapped around each other and walks on the beach. *sigh* To me it is all heavenly bliss . . . . mooooo. 🙂


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How to Deal With a Man Eating Dog

Grrr. I have been trying all day to post this on my hubby’s computer in the room right beside my little office. I kept getting the blogger maintenance message,I haven’t been able to post any comments, check anybody’s profile, post my own blog, nothing, all day. Then I come into my room on my computer and it works! What’s up with that? Anyway, here is the post that I was trying to publish all day . . . 🙂 (I’ll come by tomorrow to comment on your blogs, I’m to crazed to try to do it now, heh.) 🙂

I was a junior in high school and found myself trudging home, backpack slung across my back and horn swinging at my side as usual. It was a 2½ mile walk at least but all the shortcuts I took knocked off nearly ½ a mile. I hated the bus and found walking a pleasant alternative, besides which I usually had at least one friend pass by who took pity upon me and drove me home. But there were many occasions when no such salvation appeared and I covered the distance on foot. My shortcut led directly to our backyard via a short easement and an unlocked gate.

I swung the gate upon and walked through, the scent of lilac assaulting me from every corner, halting me in my progression as I drank in the intoxicating aroma. I began to cross the back lawn when I noticed a dog running towards me from our neighbor on the right. “Ahh, they have a new dog,” I thought to myself as I admired the yellow Labrador retriever as it stopped to bark at me.

The dog continued to run and bark at me each time coming closer and venturing onto our property from time to time. Normally I wouldn’t have minded, but the bark was not one of welcome, it was one of warning and protection. But I had my protection too, and would simply swing my French horn in its direction to warn it off. It never posed a threat though and we never bothered to talk about it to our neighbor, until one day . . .

The sun was actually shining for a change and the symphonic band was preparing for a huge concert that spring night. I left my horn behind to be loaded in the instrument trailer and taken to the college concert hall where we would be performing. With only my backpack to carry I refused the offers of a ride home and set off at a brisk walk. Upon arrival at our back gate I undid the latch and began my trek through the yard eyeing nervously the neighbors large yellow dog. It was waiting in the shade and as soon as it caught one whiff of me it was up and barking. I quickened my pace as it began running towards me, expecting it to stop within a few feet. But this time it didn’t. With a terrific lunge it made for the back of my leg. A strangled cry escaped from me as I spun around in a circle flinging my book-laden backpack with all my strength at the attacking beast. I knocked him squarely in the jaw and took off running into the house.

“That dog practically ripped my leg off!” I exclaimed to my mother gasping for breath. She got to her feet and went to the phone as I inspected the rip in my jeans. I assured her I wasn’t damaged, just my favorite jeans. The neighbor was horrified and very apologetic and immediately began to put up a fence the next day. I waited till the fence was completed before I ventured a walk home again.


Water was dripping of my nose, and I was soaked to the skin as I stumbled through the gate trying not to take a mud bath. It was the first time since the fence was built that I had crossed through my back yard. A few steps in and I heard the familiar bark of the lab. I looked to see him on the far side of my neighbor’s lawn. I stopped to watch as he began to charge. He was beautiful really. His feet barely skimming the ground, his ears flapping and the occasional loll of his tongue as it fell out of his mouth. His fur rippled atop his heaving sides. Closer and closer he came, picking up more and more speed. It was then that I realized that he didn’t know the fence was there. Entranced I stood in the pouring rain. My eyes popped out of my head as I saw that glorious dog run full force into the fence! The fence bulged out almost in slow motion as he collided headfirst and the rest of his body compacted into the strangest formation I have ever seen a dog in. Then the fence seemed to spring back suddenly into shape flinging the dog off it with fervor as the dog yelped and staggered away.

I must admit I collapsed, backpack and all onto the rain soaked grass holding my sides in laughter, a fitting end to a dog that tried to eat me for dinner I decided. 🙂


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