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We spent this last week on vacation visiting family in Utah. For the 4th of July we were able to attend the Balloon Festival in Provo, Utah. I will be writing about it soon, but I had to use a picture from the festival for this week’s theme. Many balloons had all sorts of signs on them, this was one of my favorite photos. 🙂


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Home Sweet Home

It is hard to believe that we have only been gone for a week, so much has happened. I would have mentioned before we left that we were headed out on a family vacation, but my husband asked me not to because of security reasons, and I respect that. We spent a fun filled week in Utah with family, I never knew that it would be possible to fit so much into one little week. I have lots to write about over the next few days. But tonight, I am tired and wanted to at least write something. I have been on writing withdrawl, I have really missed it and I am excited to be back again with my computer. 🙂 Tomorrow I will probably do my Saturday Photo Hunt, and then I will start to chronicle the Goofy Family Vacation Saga. 🙂

Before I go though, something extremely cute that my little Emmy said today. We were with family and someone, maybe me (I can’t quite remember) called Paul a little stinker. Emily pipes up, “He’s not little stinker, I am!” heh 🙂


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