Desert Sun, Water Fun

We were up somewhat early and rather bright Monday morning, packing up the kids and suiting up for another day of water fun. It was our last day with Paul’s brother; we’d be heading to my sister’s place after. It was a gorgeous day, slightly overcast, with promise of sun and more scorching heat. Paul’s brother, Mark, had two wave runners that they towed behind them as we headed south to Yuba Lake. The boat was fixed and would be arriving later in the day.

After a little over an hour of driving we pulled into the State Park. It was a gorgeous lake, with soft sandy beaches. No sharp rocks to cut your feet on here. The kids were thrilled and were dashing out to the water before I could blink. I managed to rein them in just long enough to lather them thoroughly with sunscreen. It was 12:00 and still slightly overcast, but I wasn’t taking any chance. The water felt wonderful and you could walk out forever before it finally really got deep. Perfect for the children, no sudden drop offs.

I have never been on a wave runner before. I enjoy trying new things, but I feel a little foolish sometimes, like I should already know how, and I embarrass easily wondering if everyone sees what I dolt I am about these newfangled toys. On my first time out I took Emily and Dorothy with me. Emmy sat in front and Dorothy sat in back. I eyed the wave runner warily. Somehow I had to launch myself onto that thing, bobbing in the water, in between my two children? All my Klutzy moments flashed before my eyes. I sucked in my breath and approached the beast. I placed one foot on one side quickly swung my leg over Dot and got myself planted before the thing could even think about unseating me. I found the gas and began to putt out to the middle of the lake. As I eased past the buoys I squeezed down on the gas and took off skipping across the water. Dorothy clutched to my life jacket and Emmy hung on for dear life to the front. Squeals of excitement filled my ears, and they weren’t all coming from my children. I was just as giddy as they were, flying across the lake, bouncing over waves, skimming across the surface of the water.

In between bouts on the wave runners I swam with Jacob and the kids. Mark’s wife, Becca, asked me once about sunscreen for me. I had forgotten, but then I don’t usually burn I had told her, and it was obliterated as I took a wave runner out solo. I really soared then. There is an indescribable sensation about flying across the water with so little around you. Speed, excitement, the jarring sensation as you take air going across waves, sharp turns, and water spraying in your face. Legs tense, trying to absorb most of the jolt of the machine as its belly slaps hard against the surface, wind searing your face, sun scorching, oh yes, scorching, your skin, especially those shoulders. I am pleased to announce that I had no goofy moments on the wave runners (I came close, but no cigar). heh.

After my solo ride I began to realize that my shoulders were pink and a bit sore, “hmm, self you might actually be burning a bit” I said and lathered on some sunscreen.

I took Jacob out for a ride not too long before the boat came. He was a hoot. Waving to passer byes and clapping his hands. I have never seen such a big grin on such a tiny face; it took over his entire being. I could here his squeals and giggles and see his little curls flapping in the breeze. When we were done, my shoulders were hurting more, so I donned my t-shirt. I could feel the sun burning through my shirt even then, it should have been a sign, but I love fun, and I’m a glutton for punishment.

I was the first on the tube when we went out on the boat. I managed to gracefully (all the gracefulness of a beached whale anyway, heh) launch myself onto the inner tube and got ready for the ride of my life. I knew what was coming; this was a favorite, no matter how sore you were afterwards. It was long before I was doing a barrel roll across the surface of the water; it probably looked like just a bunch of arms and legs flying everywhere. Just grab hold of the tube and pull yourself up they say. Yeah right! Talk about next to impossible. A slug could have managed it better than me. Finally we gave up on that tactic and decided to go at from the original way. After managing to haul myself onto the boat, I launched myself over the side to tube again. With a resounding splat I hit the tube and neatly bounced of, slowly sinking beneath the surface as air bubble undoubtedly surfaced where I had gone down in a gale of laughter. The second try was successful and I was off on another wild ride across the lake, finally being launched free, skidding across the lake. We left after Paul had his go at it, and headed on to my sister’s.

By now I realized I was truly sunburned. A few necessary facts had escaped my attention: mainly Utah is at a much higher elevation than Oregon and the sun is A LOT hotter. Umm, yeah, they call it a desert for a reason. Let’s just say, total and major pain. I realized Saturday as I began to peel and my arms were all wet, that I had blistered and the wet was the water in the blisters popping. I realized today as I continued to peel more, that I had blisters under my blisters. So, lesson learned. However painful it might have been, it was still an absolute blast. Tuesday things really took off . . .


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6 responses to “Desert Sun, Water Fun

  1. Yikes! Keep yourself well-moisturized, it will avoid further damage to your skin. (As a member of the toothpaste family I am well-acquainted with burns. We have two colours in our family: red and less-red.)

    Your trip sounds very full!

  2. Deb

    ROTFL. I feel so sorry for you. I can honestly, honestly sympathize with you. You know what I did, and I too had the lovely little water blisters.

    Have you tried Aloe?

    Wonderfulstory! Makes me want to ride a wave runner.

    Hope your burn gets better soon.

  3. oh yeah, lots and lots of Aloe . . . I love Aloe . . . Aloe is my friend . . . heh 🙂

  4. for future burns I’ve been told if you get apple cider vinegar on the burn immediately it will top the burn from continuing to burn after you’re out of the sun and I think stop the pain a little.

    Describing your ride on the wave runner (we called them jet skis…) it really made me miss Lake Powell. …When do we get to go again? Oh ya, a long time from now…

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed that! I am excited to read the next chapter of your family vacation! I feel like I’m reading chapters of an exciting novel. Keep it coming:).

  6. Jet skis are acutally different from waverunners. I think on the Jet skis you usually stand or kneel,and usually just one person. On a wave runner you can fit 2-3 people on (depending the size) and you sit (though some people stand, I wasn’t brave enough, given my history, heh). I’m sure their just as much fun, I hope, we’ll get that oportunity again some day. 🙂

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