News Flash

We interrupt the vacation news cast to bring you this exciting news flash:

6 Year Old Found With Rock Up Nose!!!

Yup, folks, last night we were driving to the nearby family fun center. Paul had received two gift cards from work and we decided it would be a hoot to take the kids (despite their outrageous prices, no money out of our pocket, and fun for the kiddos.) Dinner was a hatchet job and so the adults in the family, namely my hubby and I, were starving so we stopped at Taco Bell. While waiting in the drive through to pick up our order, Dorothy becomes screaming bloody murder.

“There’s a rock stuck in my nose! It hurts! It hurts! There’s a rock in my nose!” Her eyes were wide and panicked and her breath was coming in short quick breaths. A squeal burst, “Mamaaaa!”

It took a second for what she was screaming about to sink in and then I was up and running to the side door of the van, handkerchief in hand (Paul uses hankies). I could envision our fun and exciting trip being shortened to a trip to the ER, depending how far she had stuck that rock up her nose. When I plowed into the back seat, I sighed in relief, I could see the large white pebble clearly. “It’ll be ok, calm down; we can get it out, hush honey.” I held up the hankie and told her to “blow hard, sweetie.” Out popped the stone, snot and all. I refrained from hollering, “What on earth possessed you to shove a rock up your nose!” while Dorothy lamented the loss of her pretty white stone, and I calmly said, “Now you see why we don’t stick things in our noses. Never, ever stick anything in your nose again!” She nodded as I climbed back into the front seat, stone infested handkerchief in hand. I took one look at Paul and fell sideways into his lap, dissolved in laughter.

Only Dot would stick a rock in her nose!



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5 responses to “News Flash

  1. only Dot and my sister (as a child) and daughters. Rocks, marbles, gum, kleenex, food, toys and of course….fingers!

    Great post!

  2. I’m afraid my son will follow down the hallowed halls of Children With Things Up Their Noses.

    Glad it was so easy to get out, and that you were so good about it!

  3. Too funny! One of my sisters put a rock into her ear because she was pretending that it was a hearing aid. I am just waiting for the day that Evan does something like that.

  4. my brother once stuck a pretzel in his ear. It dissolved a little and was really hard to get out. But I can totally picture the rock up your daughters nose.

    Ever seen that George Clooney movie “One Fine Day”? The little boy got a marble stuck up his nose.

  5. I really enjoyed this post…something very similar happened here a few yrs ago.Riley was about 3 yrs old at the time and,while eating supper one night,he decided to stick a kernel of corn up one of his nostrils.He started laughing and each time he would inhale for a breath it would go further up.I was able to carefully get it out with a pair of tweezers (I know…oowww! didn’t seem to hurt him, tho).

    I bet Dorothy won’t put a rock up there ever again! Hopefully not,anyway :)!

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