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Already the sun was climbing high into the sky, the breeze doing little to lessen the stifling heat. My heart was beating, not just from the higher altitude, and my breathing was heavy. My facemask was fogging up, but to remove it would be murder. I shuddered. Out there, somewhere, lurking in the trees were two guns aimed at me, hunting my down. My three young bodyguards were of little comfort, knowing that at anytime someone could squeeze a shot off and take them down. The road stretched out before us, our destination was beyond our sight around the bend.

Even the ten shots in my hand were of little comfort as we cautiously crept along the dirt road, the dust lifting ever so slightly as it was stirred with our feet. A figure leapt our of the foliage, the POP! POP! POP! of a gun filled the air, one of my guards was hit in the leg! “Holy crud!” I screamed as I turned on my heals and lit out of there as fast as I could my guards chasing after me firing shots wildly back, hoping to take down the terrorist. Gasping for breath we noticed the guard was only slightly wounded and would remain in play. We hung back wary of what was hiding in the wood. I examined the paint spatter all over my pant legs. “Man, that was close!” I exclaimed pointing. We slowly began our walk back down the road; it was imperative that I reached my final destination. The guards walked at my sides and ahead of me spraying the woods with cover fire.

“We got him! We got him!” the message was relayed and I observed as the enemy was marched back to camp, hands held high, weapon confiscated. A little more at eases, knowing there was only one more in the woods we picked up the pace. Pain shot through my leg. I should have run, I should have dived, I should have done anything but go into shock, but there I stood as I took two more, one in each shoulder. It was done. I was out, but not before my bodyguards took down the assailant.

I was the first woman elected president. Well, actually, my nephew informed me there was one other. Paul and I had promised him that we would go paintballing with him months ago, long before the sunburn. Man, those things sting when they aren’t hitting sunburn, but boy oh boy do they hurt when they hit on the right spot! The game we were playing at this point was called “President.” Basically the president (me, I was the unlucky one who lost at rock-paper-scissors) has a few bodyguards and has to be marched down a road to a destination, while a few others lurk in the woods as terrorists. It was really rather eerie, and it was just a game. I could help imaging how the actual president must feel, yikes!

The first game we played was actually called “Bunker.” My nephew John and I defended a bunker while three others attacked us. I have never been paint balling before and didn’t last too long. I took a ball in the head; I had a mask on so no worries, and upon bursting the paint splattered inside the mask, onto my glasses and into my eyes. Definitely caught me by surprise, that one did! J I sat out on the third game, “Alien”, I wasn’t too sure how my ankles and Klutzability were going to hold out on me. I had already taken a tumble down the countryside, nearly rolling a small boulder on my leg. I didn’t want to press my luck. But I was coerced into the last round, which was “Civil War.” That game is just pure insanity. We were split evenly, 3 on 3. The gist of the game was that one side took a shot and then stepped forward, then the next side took shot and stepped forward, and so on and so forth. Players were out as they were hit 2 times. You’re not aloud to move, you just have to stand there and if you see a paint ball coming for ya you just take it. Thankfully I escaped the game rather quickly, it was just nuts! J We had a hoot though, playing with my 15 year old nephew and his three friends.

After we got home to my sister’s place we relaxed and had foosball wars and chatted with the family. We were getting ready to start back to Oregon the next day.

(oooh, by the way, I just noticed, this is my 200th post!)


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Happy Birthday Emily!

I’m almost done with my trip (three more posts planned, and thanks for bearing with me on this, oh, and I added photos to the 4th of July post) but I had to take another break to wish my daughter a happy birthday. 🙂

Emily was smiling practically from the day she was born

It was almost uncanny how she would giggle at just a couple months old

Each child has a special place in our family, and brings something special with them

Emily’s gift is pure joy

So infectious, is bubbles and spills out over the edges

Her smile lightens the gloomiest day

We are so grateful for our smiling Emmy! 🙂


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