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DO NOT Push The Red Button

Found this on Awesome Mom’s site, it made me laugh, and I though Fourth Fret would find it particularly entertaining, and any of you who have kids who like to push buttons, with this, maybe they will get there fill! 🙂


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Weekly Anamnesis #30

This one was hard (which is why I am late posting it), a lot of my posts have to do with being a mother or my mother, many of the stories that I would select have been written previously.

Though I must say when times are rough, and the children driving me crazy there is just one moment in time that I must remember to melt all the frustration away. That moment when the brand new baby is placed in your arms, and you wonder how you can love anything or anyone more than this. That moment of awe and wonder to realize you hold a tender spirit so fresh and new from Heavenly Father’s loving arms. That moment of amazement when you realize the awesome trust He must have in you to entrust one so dear to your tender, loving care. A heart so full you fear it might burst, as it spills over into your eyes, and courses down your cheeks. That moment, when I first became a mother.


Cradled against my breast
Our hearts beat as
A classical paragon of innocence
A glimpse of divinity
Arcadia in my arms

-J.H. Schmidt

(I posted this on the Poetry Reading blog, but I had to include it here)

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