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Giggles in the Morning

I lay awake this morning not wanting to get up, knowing none of the children were awake yet. I grabbed a book and began to read, a small luxery I can ill afford now days. I was lost in the pages when the sound of girlish giggles tempted me away from the pages. I looked up and saw my three daughters surrounding their dad on the bed. Their heads bowed together in secret plot making. Then the four of the burst into song, making me grin from ear to ear.

Elizabeth whispered to Daddy, “Let’s make her breakfast because it’s her birthday,” but I pretended not to hear. I smiled to my book as I listened to the four of them plan the menu and waited until I was fetched. I came out to the prettily set table greeted by more giggles and french toast, one of my favorites. Elizabeth gave me her first present of the day, a great big hug and kiss, my favorite kind. 🙂

I definitely like waking to giggles in the morning. 🙂


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Not that you all didn’t know this anyway . . .

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you’re weird…
But too darn weird to do anything about it!

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