Pointless Post

I miss having a portable computer. Not just because I can take it any where, or sit in my favorite comfy chair while I write, but that being without it means that I have to go into my office. My office is not a place for the faint-hearted. It takes, guts, courage, hair on you chest (or a picture of a hare on your chest anyway, heh). My office is not just disorganized, messy, or unkempt, but should be declared to be in a state of national disaster.

I think the carpet is yellow, if I could see it beneath the wads of paper. Beneath those towering mounds I’m sure there is a table, or desk even, maybe

Ya Right! dork. I am not a dork. y’are too. Should I Publish this post? that be great everyone would think i am a looney talking to myself. Knob. I Love You Love you too dear. Whahhahaahahahahhahahaaa and a hi-diddley-dee

Ahem, yeah, I promise that my hubby just performed a hostile take over on my computer and began interrupting the flow of my blog there. Really. Ok, so back on with the blog . . .

where was I? Ahh, yes, my office, national disaster. I mistakenly refer to it as my office don’t I? I suppose family dump would be more correct. Broken book? Toss it in mom’s office. Broken toy? Toss it in mom’s office. Ripped clothing? Toss it in mom’s office. Can’t find the garbage can? Toss it in mom’s office. A stack of drawings a mile high? Fling’em in mom’s office. Where does this go? Eh (with shoulder shrug) stick it in mom’s office. Can you update this picture for me? Sure put it in my office. Glue, scissors, tape? Mom’s office. Important documents (at least for children), family home evening lessons, binders of all shapes and sizes? Mom’s office. Boxes of eccletic, mystical things? mom’s office. Keepsakes from past generations? Mom’s office. Educational teaching tools? Mom’s office. Photos, albums, broken frames? Mom’s office. Any item pertaining to any type of craft or handy skill? Mom’s office. Mail, computer parts, or moldy pizza? Now, those go in Dad’s office. heh. 🙂

When we receive something new and big and we don’t know where to put it, the standard commical answer now is, “Eh, put it in mom’s office.” Then we dissolve into gales of giggles.

So, what is the point to this pointless post? I think I need to clean my office. Wanna come help?

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