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I’ve got a full day ahead of me tomorrow and I will be lucky to get anything posted, let alone visit anyone’s photos before Sunday, so I figured I’d better post it now . . .


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This is one of my favorite photos. I took it of Paul just before we were married, he is holding my pet iguana, Iggy.

*Edit – Iggy is about 4 years old (maybe 5) in this picture (as far as I can remember anyway. He died shortly after. Once we were married we moved him from my parents’ home in Oregon to Utah. Iguanas do not handle change well, especially climate changes (which we didn’t know at the time) and he died shortly after the move.


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I love my children dearly. I adore them and I love to spend time playing and having fun with them, but I also love escaping from them every once in a while. 🙂 Which is what I did yesterday. I picked up the babysitter at noon and then escaped into the dearly covetted mommy silence of an airconditioned car with no screaming children in it. I didn’t even turn on the radio, which has become more of a device used to drown children out than one of enjoyment. heh. 🙂 I ran my mommy only errands to such places as the bank (I had to walk in for this visit), Staples, and Michael’s. The havoc four children completely bored to tears would cause in these places made me shudder. I even snuck a few moments to walk aimlessly through the stores!

When I finished all my required errands I found that I still had an hour left! And entire hour! I am not a mall person, but there are two stores that I like to stop in from time to time. The Disney Store (of course! what else did you expect? heh) and Bath and Body Works. I refuse to hall my children around the mall, as they would have contests as to who could hide best under which rack of clothes in which store, I’m afraid I’d never see them. Nope, malls are my kid free zone which explains the fact that I hadn’t set foot in the mall in about 4 months. I didn’t have much time though so I aimed for my two favorite stores, which lucky for me are side by side.

I have been increasingly disapointed in Disney and their lack of attention to Goofy. I mean come one, who else is there? It’s all about Goofy. heh 🙂 For years I haven’t even been able to find a decent simple character t-shirt with him in color on it. My friend even looked for me at Disney Land but found nothing. So when I walked in I was pleasantly, estacticly, joyously surprised to see a very orange t-shirt with a full-size goofy in full color on it! It was AWESOME! Thank goodness I can do orange, heh. 🙂 Then I pampered my self with yummy smelling body lotion stuff. Ahhhh, what a day. Of course I got home and the kids had smashed berries and tracked mud all over the kitchen floor that I mopped the day before. But at least they were alive and very happy. 🙂


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