Dry Well

Either that or writer’s block. If you have noticed a lack of new missives it is simply because there aren’t any. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything interesting happening, there is plenty of that, but that my brain refuses to orginize the events into wild and crazyily funny, or even bland stories. I feel too distracted and brain feels scattered in a million directions. Maybe the heat has addled my brain, heh. Or perhaps it is the end of the summer desperation. The kids are growing bored, even with a pass to the zoo and a pass that gets us into the children’s museum in Salem and OMSI in Portland, they start wear out by then end of summer vacation. Anxious to get back to school, etc. I am anxious too, and not just because going to the grocery store while only dragging along 2 children sounds absolutely sublime. I welcome the structure of school days, the schedule, it is easier for me to walk because I’m up and going anyway and I don’t have to struggle out of bed long before my hubby even opens his eyes, and having the time for my brain to think without being constantly bombarded by children. 🙂 Boredom combined with excitement of the year starting soon drives the children and me nutty 🙂 along with all the preparations and back-to-school shopping.

Though be not worried, I am keeping notes of crazy mishaps, such as potato pearls flying through the air, and will write on them, in moments when my brain is cooperating . . . .


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