The Things Kids Say . . .

I remembered about this for some reason the other day and realized I never wrote it down. It made me laugh and laugh, so I thought I would write it here, though Dorothy may never forgive me when she gets older, heh. 🙂

(probably a year or so ago . . . )

Dorothy fufered (our word for passing gas, foo-fer) and looked at us in surprise.

“Excuse me!” she proclaimed, “My bum burped!”



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5 responses to “The Things Kids Say . . .

  1. That’s so cute … I’m sure she’ll find it funny when she’s older … I sure did!

  2. I remember my mom telling me that they used to sit up at night just laughing at things we would do and say durring the day. I was just a teen ager at the time and didn’t understand what she could be so funny about kids. Now I know better, and my husband and I definitely sit up at night and laugh at the things they do and say…

  3. I always forget the stuff like that. We share it with each other and then forget. I mostly remember the funny things my husband inadvertently said when we were first going out — in particular the time he said “self-defecation” when he meant “self-deprecation” (trying to impress his English major girlfriend.)

  4. I just stopped in to see your Sat photo post, and noticed this entry. I like to blog about things the kids say as well. Sometimes it is days after before I can recall it to get it posted.

  5. That is too funny! I love the crazy things that kids say! 🙂

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