Anything But Boring

Last week it was Emily, this week was Elizabeth’s turn. Sunday night I had just kissed them all goodnight, tucked them in and sank into my comfy chair relishing the silence and missing my hubby when a scream eminated from the girls room. Grumbling I dragged myself to the back of the house.

Gritting my teeth and trying to keep my voice as pleasant as possible (bedtime had not gone well) I asked, “what’s the problem?”

In between sobs Elizabeth managed to spit out that Emily had hit her with a toy. “You gonna live?” I asked her (such a loving parent, I know). She answered to the affirmative and I told her to get in bed and go to sleep. Emily was sent to sleep in the bathtub (I moved her back to her room after she was zonkered.) The next morning Elizabeth had a black eye with two little scratches beside it.

Yesterday we walked to the park. I have found the park to be a lot more fun than usual. I take along my little writer’s notebook (just a small spiral notebook that will fit in my purse and I can take notes in) and I perch on the bench while the children play. In between playing with them I people watch, writing down descritions, hypothesis about jobs and hobbies, and personalities as I go to tuck ideas away for future writing projects. I jot down phrases and try to capture facial expressions in words. It is a lot of fun (as long as no one notices you staring, can get a little awkward then) heh :). On our way home Elizabeth tripped and scratched her knee and elbow a bit. Nothing to bad though.

An hour later we had finished lunch and were at our next door neighbor’s house (one of my best friend’s from highschool mom) and were blowing bubbles with her grandson and chatting. It was time to go and Elizabeth went up the stair to the front door to tell her thankyou. As she turned to leave I think she twisted her ankle a bit (one of my classy goofy moves) and crashed down the cement stairs, really bashing her knee good and giving her a nice long scrape down the other leg. Her knee was gushing and got bandaged with coveted Dora the Explorer bandaids from our neighbors first aid drawer. Poor kids also scraped her ankle up in our back yard the same day.

Jacob took a tumble down those stairs too, landing on his head, but he didn’t even get a lasting bump on his noggin. Dorothy fell on her way too the park and scraped her hand a bit, and Emily fell at the park barely scraping her knee (no blood). Amazingly enough I was able to keep aright on my feet!

At least we are keeping things exciting while Paul is gone. Oh, and Dorothy lost her first tooth last night! Though the tooth fairy fell asleep before making the switch – oops! I’m being hassled really good for that one. As of yet I have not been threatened with mutiny, but lets just say its a really good thing I scheduled a baby sitter for tonight . . . I am slowly going crazy, slowly crazy going I am, crazy going am slowly I, going i crazy am slowly, am crazy slowly i going, I going am slowly crazy, (at this point my eyes begin to roll and am drooling manically) heh 🙂 (and if the tooth fairy doesn’t make it tonight I am DOOMED I tell ya, DOOMED!)



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8 responses to “Anything But Boring

  1. First, the bathtub?! Seriously?! I nearly spit my coffee! That’s hysterical!

    One time, many years ago, when my oldest (now 17) was 5, he went off with Grandma for a day of yard sale-ing. He was so excited about a toy she bought him (the world’s ugliest alligator hand puppet with an engineer cap) that he ran around the yard to show everyone else. He slipped on the sidewalk, fell and hit his head on the concrete retaining wall that surrounded the flower garden. 6 stitches later we came home, and weren’t home 15 minutes and my step son was in his bedroom playing, tripped over a toy and fell, hitting his face on the bed railing. 7 stitches later we came home praying we all made it home with mo more emergency room trips. We put them all in bed real quick before any one else started bleeding!

  2. Yup the bathtub. 🙂 All three girls have to share one room, so long ago we decided that if one was being mean, picking on the others, keeping them awake, and especially hitting and such then they would have to sleep in the bathtub by themselves. We let them have one blanket and one pillow and once everyone is asleep we’ll move the offender back into bed. It was the only thing we could think of that work well as a quarantine, any place else would have been too exciting. 🙂

  3. I cannot believe the luck you have of all these scratches and bruises (to put it lightly)!!! Paul’s gonna come home and either A) think you’ve taken to abusing the kids as a reemptive strike against mutiny; or 2) know the kids take after you very well. 😀 Good luck with the sanity!!

  4. Oh dear! Sounds like you’ve had a little too much excitement!!! I hope that your night out will be a bit less crazy and that you will make it through the rest of the week without any more injuries. A brave woman indeed.:)

    Oh, and the bathtub idea is a good one, I’ll have to remember that;)!

  5. Deb

    You nut, you’re my hero! The bathtub wouldn’t work for my feisty two, they love baths, and sleeping in it would be a treat.

    *sigh* Whenever it rains it pours. So you know I know how you feel. Everyone, including me, always gets hurt when hubby is gone. I’m surprised the ER doesn’t have a personalized parking spot for me. LOL.

    I like the idea of people watching in the park, great idea!

  6. You sure do need some time out for yourself! You’ve had a full few days … maybe all this bad stuff has alreday happened and you’ll have a wondeful, uneventful rest of your week. One can only hope, right?

    My 2 older boys share a room. I’ll have to remember the bathtub idea!

  7. Very innovative idea, the bathtub punishment. I don’t know whether I’m glad to hear that the kids seem to take after you, but, well, it appears to be an obvious conclusion. 😉

  8. you know… you really should consider starting a school for professional accident-havers. you seem to have taught the wee ones well, and we know you’ve mastered it yourself. hehehehe

    glad everyone survived. and the bathtum… why, that’s the best place to sleep ever. 😀

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