Moose or Mousse?

I survived! Though I came this close – – to being tied up in a closet. 🙂 heh. The week actually calmed down a bit and we managed to avoid any more injuries. The dinner that we did Wednesday night at the hospital for ICU and longterm rehabilitation parents went really well and I met some amazing and wonderful people.

I also go t my hair cut- short that afternoon. I hadn’t expected it to be quite so short. I had described to her what I wanted (similar to the last time) and then talked to her about trimming up Emily’s hair (I’ve gotten to where I love her short little pixie cut). There-in lies my fault. I think she thought that I was also describing what I wanted. So a snip-snip and a huge pile of hair later I was left with an awesome hair cut that I had no idea what to do with. I haven’t had short hair since I was about 8 and everyone thought I was a boy. I had to go to volunteer with the dinner that night and I hadn’t the foggiest of how to style my hair.

Thank goodness for girly friends. After attacking with mousse (at first I spelled it like the animal, but I knew that couldn’t be right, heh), root-lifter (I didn’t even know there was such a thing), somthing called pomade, a curling iron, and half a bottle of hairspray I was set to go. Loading up my hair with stuff is an all-knew thing for me. I never have put mousse in my hair before, just a touch of hairspray from time to time (and a perm, but I learned my lesson on that one). So I am now the proud owner of a whole bunch of hair products and a smashing new do (which I really like by the way, I just had to get used to it).

My friend insisted on take pictures – front and back even. 🙂


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