Toddler Days

Jacob is 17 months becoming quite the character. I love his little ducky toddler walk and his babbling as he tries so hard to make words like the rest of us do. The kid is fearless. We were at the park the other day and he was climbing all over the place, just having a grand ol’ time. We have no stairs in our home but somewhere along the line he has learned how to go down them safely (backwards). It sure is a hoot to see him climb up to a slide than turn around and scoot backwards feet first to slide down the slide on his tummy, doing it the *safe* way. 🙂 He blows kisses to everyone he sees, loves stealing our hats, playing peek-a-boo, singing, directing music, and dancing (he turns circles on the floor until he is so dizzy he falls over) heh. He also is learning the mechanics of the telivision set and the stereo. He knows right where the power button is, and if he can’t hear it, he aims right for the volume button. None of my girls ever figured out which button does what, maybe it is a boy thing, because he also turns on the stereo and turns the volume up there too if he thinks it is too soft. Of course we are trying to thwart the incessant turning on of the tv, but he is a mighty determined little guy.

Sunday he ignored the warning of his nursery teacher about patting his freshly made craft and burnt his little fingers on hotglue. Poor little tyke had blisters on his fingers, and was not at all happy when mommy had to go poking around to get the fluid off, but I think he learned what hot means at least.

Last night he graduated from his high chair to a booster seat so he can sit right at the table with us. Everyone was very excited including him, he was clapping and yaying along with the best of them. Of course as a mom I grabbed the camera to snap a few shots.

Jacob - big boy at table

I took a couple and then Paul started to tickle him under the table to get a big smile. Just as I went to snap the photo Jacob scrunched up his eyes and his hands flew to his face. His expression was so funny, and I looked at Paul, “what was that face?” I asked laughing. Then realization dawned and Paul exclaimed, “He was anticipating the flash!”

Jacob - big boy at table

I have never had any of my kids react to the flash before other than the wide-eyed surprise of being blinded. But Jacob, he’s not one to be taken in easily, he knows what’s coming. When (if ever) I get my film developed I’ll be sure to post the picture, it sure looked hillarious through the view finder.

(edit: The picture is posted, I sure got the squint, but it looks like I missed his hands, heh) 🙂



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8 responses to “Toddler Days

  1. Must be a boy thing. Both of mine LOVE to press the buttons on the TV and stereo and such. Dana gave me a great idea, and it totally works for Dallin: We put a piece of tape over the buttons on the TV (but not the sensor), and Dallin hasn’t touched any of the buttons since. Our TV is black, so I put black electrical tape so it would blend in well. Aiden can still turn the TV off with the tape on it when I ask him to. The rest of our equipment (VCR, DVD, stereo) is locked behind a glass door, so Dallin can’t get to those yet.

    Jacob gets to go to nursery already???? Lucky!! I’m wondering if I can convince them to let Dallin in early, since we have this baby coming and all. Dallin is 15 1/2 months now.

    I love that waddle toddlers do, too. I’ve been really admiring Dallin’s lately. They are just so dang cute, aren’t they?? 😀

  2. Not a bad idea about the tape, we’ll have to try it. My other girls pushed the buttons, but they never figured out which does what, Jacob knows exactly which button turns the tv on and which on turns up the volume. I don’t know if the tape would deter him, but at this point, I’ll try anything. The stereo is in a glass cabinet, but jacob has figured out that he can wiggle his little fingers in and pry it open, I’ll have to find out if there is some kind of locking device we can use.

    We were so happy when the nursery leader said we could bring Jacob in a month early, he was soooo bored. He doesn’t seperation or stranger anxiety at all, so he has just hit it off in there. Good luck with Dallin, it is tough having two kids at church with neither in nursery. 🙂
    They are super cute! 😀

  3. I agree, must be a boy thing. Evan has figured all of our electronic equipment in reach out and can work them without instruction, *sigh* boys. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Those sounds like very cute pictures. I can picture the whole thing in my head! W had this thing for awhile when he was excited he’d smack his forhead with the palm of his hand Like “Duh!” It was before he could talk. I was imagining something like that until I read that he was anticipating the flash.

    I really do think its a boy thing. They gotta get in with those boy toys. Hey Sariah thanks for the credit. 🙂 I wasn’t sure that the tape would work either, but its like as soon as it was out of sight it was out of mind and they couldn’t go right for where the button is. Try it, it might work.

    Our fireplace has glass doors and the kids were constantly opening them and trying to climb into the fireplace. One piece of clear packing tape has done the trick for over a year. It disappears on the glass! Try it out on your glass doors if you don’t really need them opened all the time. If you do, tape it on so you can use it like a “lock”.

    I was amazed so much by the fact that Jacob is in the nursery so much as the fact that they had a hot-glue gun in there to make a craft! HELLO! At least he learned what hot was. :-S

  5. Deb

    It’s definately a boy thing to turn the tv off and on, mine does the same thing. Jacob sounds so cute! Aren’t toddlers a hoot? Word of advice. . .watch your nose. LOL

  6. My boys are the same with the tv and stero. Kids are so smart, aren’t they! When Elijah was young, we found a plastic strip made for preventing young fingers from playing with the tv, and taped it over the buttoms. However, once Elijah was at the age that he could obey, we did away with that little tool. Our DVD player is in the bottom of the tv and it would be so easy for the boys to break it, which is what cooincidentally happened a couple of days ago:(.

  7. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That sounds so cute. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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