Finger Food

We have been working tirelessly on teaching the kids better table manners, namely not using your fingers in place of spoons and forks. Dot seems to be the one taking the longest to get the concept into her head that fingers are taboo unless eating finger food. She then takes her fingers, ignores the napkins, and wipes them down her front, on her pants, or across the tableclothe.

Last night in a moment of sheer frustration Paul asked her exasperatedly, ” Which part of ‘don’t use your fingers’ are you not understanding?”

Dorothy tips her head to the side her big brown eyes thoughful, then looks at Daddy and says, “Probably all of it.”

I almost snorted the water I was drinking and then nearly fell off my chair trying to recover quickly.



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7 responses to “Finger Food

  1. I literally laughed out loud at this one.
    Great post.
    I know people use LOL all the time but how many actually do it while reading something online.

  2. Oh my goodness that’s pretty funny! I can only imagine the witty comebacks my children will have to normal questions as they get older. I laughed truly but also felt your pain!

  3. I, too, laughed out loud at her comment. So cute … little smarty pants!

    You’re not alone in trying to get children to eat with their forks or spoons instead of their fingers. We are struggling with the same thing at every meal!!

  4. I laughed out loud as well:). I guess that’s one of those times you turn your head so your kids don’t see that huge smile on your face and try to muffle your laughter! What a smart cookie.

  5. Deb

    How cute! Don’t they just keep you in stitches?

  6. So, was she being a smart alec or was she really just answering the question? (Either way it’s funny, but for different reasons.)

  7. I wondered that too, Karen. So we asked last night at dinner what the proper ettiquette was and why to check and see what she would say. She rattled off that you should only use a fork and spoon and not your fingers, and all the reasons why. So, based on last night’s answer, I think she was being a smart alec. (but with Dot, you never know. heh) 🙂

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