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That Golden Mommy Moment

Jacob has been slowly learning how to form his babble into words. Over the last few weeks it has started to become especially intelligible. We have realized that as he points and says “uts ahh”, he is really saying, “what’s that?” His “puh” (in a high tone, that scoops up at the end, it’s simply adorable) really means, “please”. Not only does he say mamma now, but he will say dadda, and hi and bye are second nature to him. Occasionally we will pick out different words that we can understand. It is really exciting, and I love this stage of toddler/babyhood.

The other night was a golden mommy moment as I tucked him in and sang him our family lullabye. When I finished, just as I leaned over to kiss him goodnight, he pipes up, “I ya u!” Surprise played across my face as I realized my baby boy just told me that he loved me and I answered quickly back, “I love you too!” with and extra big happy squeeze of a hug.

The next day I tested the theory as he talked on the phone to Daddy. “Tell daddy ‘I love you'” I whispered in his ear.

“I yuv you” he said, his clearest phrase yet. Paul was astounded. Jacob told me again last night before going to bed.

It is a special moment when you first hear that phrase coming from your kids, but when it is coming from one that you are just thrilled to have alive at all it becomes a magical golden moment. My heart just swelled, and if I wasn’t such a tough old cookie (or if I was pregnant, heh), I would have burst into tears. I can never say enough how grateful we are for the doctors and nurses and friends, and everyone who has been such a support over the last year and a half. You all are a huge part of our miracle that grows everyday.

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