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Random Friday

We went to our first “real” soccer (football) game last night. We got to see the Portland Timbers play Atlanta, and it was so fun. We took the whole family except for Jacob, figuring he was a little to young for that right now. It was a blast to watch them live. Some of the highlights were seeing a bicycle kick (I’ve always wanted to watch someone do that in real life) and watching the goalie of our team slide under an oponent jumping in the air to save the ball. That was really awesome. All in all we loved it, the kids loved it, and we had an awesome time as a family.


When were dropping Jacob off at our friend’s house, before leaving for the game last night, Emily thought she’d be funny and burst out, just as we were pulling into their driveway, “Jacob’s face is blue!” I think both Paul and I got whiplash from turning around so fast before we realized that Emily was doing her silly laugh. She thought she was making an impossible silly comment (how could someone be blue in the mind of a 4 year old?) but it still took a good ten minutes for our hearts to return to a normal pace.


I have officially walked 12 miles (plus a smidgeon extra) this week in my morning walks! Woohoo! And I have stiff muscles to show for it, but I feel really good too. :)Oh, and I have a walking buddy now, my very good friend Tara, which has been sooo much fun. 🙂


My parents leave next week for their second mission. This time they are going to Tampa Florida and will be gone for 18 months. We’ll miss them of course, but at least this time they won’t be impossibly expensive to call. 🙂


bo l n hjghy hy y h t y hhhhhh h7 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdrryuy jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj b fdfdfdfdfdrfffhfffnggfgfgfkio’;
(That was Jacob saying hi)

Elizabeth was telling Daddy last night about what she had for lunch, “I had a turkey sandwhich! A real live turkey sandwhich!” (We had had turkey on Sunday and were still using up the meat for sandwhiches) Paul says, “did it say ‘gobble gobble” as we have big goofy grins on our faces. Elizabeth begins to laugh, “Well, not live turkey, just real turkey. It didn’t gobble at me.”

I love my kids, they make me giggle 🙂


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