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Phone Call

“Hello?” I asked into the reciever as I placed the phone to my ear.
“Is Edna there?” and older male voice asked.
“No one lives here by that name, you must have the wrong number,” I stated.
“No, wait, I think I have that wrong, is this –‘s residence?”

Instantly my gaurd went up, “Yes,” I said hesitantly trying to judge from the voice who it was and what the intentions were.

“Is this her daughter?”
“Who is this please?” I asked growing slightly alarmed, especially with all the identity theft happening now days.

“This is — –. I found your mother’s purse on the side of the road, in the Payson area, up toward Nebo.”

I was completely confused, my mom was in Utah, getting ready to go into the MTC with Dad and prepare for their next mission in Florida, but how did some guy get her purse?

“She lost her purse?” I asked trying to clarify the jumble of words and thoughts in my head.

“Yes, and we are trying to return it. As soon as we got to where we had cel phone coverage I called. ” He paused and then said, clearly uncomfortable, “I had to open it to find a telephone number, I just looked at her checkbook. Is she staying somewhere here in the area?”

“They are staying with my sister in Payson.”

“– — (name)? She has a list of phone numbers here, is — — the right number?”

“Yes it is. Can I have you name again and number too in case I get a hold of them first?”

He was very obliging. I thanked him time and time again for being so honest and caring. After talking with my sister a few hours later, they (the gentleman who found the purse and his wife) had immediately driven to her house in Payson and left the purse with her (my sister’s) husband, all things in tact. I had told him they were entering the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Monday and he knew they would need it right away.

My parents and sister and kids had been searching everywhere and praying to find it, not knowing how on earth it would have fallen out of the van. They were still searching when they finally got word that it had been returned to the house.

It’s just good to know that there are people like that in the world.

Miracles still happen. 🙂


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Lookin Up


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Lookin Up to find an amazing sunset in Japan

(I took this from the balcony of my sister’s apartment when I was there in ’96)


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