Random Jacob Post

How is it that someone with short chubby little legs, not even a quarter the length of your own can run circles around you, even when you are in top form? Jacob officially turned 18 months last week and I think someone flipped a switch inside him and sent him reeling (or maybe I’m the one reeling) into toddlerhood. Baby no longer, we have a boy in the house! 🙂

My girls were quick and curious, but nothing compared to Jacob. After his exploration with the straw he managed to get a hold of my mini mp3 player that I strap on my arm and listen to when I walk in the mornings. As I walked my three miles I realized that my left ear was gargling. It must have been introduced into the doggie bowl as well.

Jacob decided that Susie (our dog) needed to bob for her food and dumped it into her water without my knowledge. Poor Susie got sick and threw up (at least it was outside) because she got too much water while trying to eat her food.

Jacob snagged a toothbrush out of the bathroom (one of his fortunate sisters) and proceeded to brush his teeth . . . yup! With dog water.
I sure hope there are some great benefits to dog water, because at this point, he’s had a lot of it! 🙂

I was not feeling well on Saturday and I layed down on the couch to watch Star Wars Episode I. The kids were bored and I didn’t want to watch another insipid cartoon for the 500 millionth time, so I put in Star Wars, because at least it was something we could all thoroughly enjoy. Jacob awoke from his nap at the very end where the big light-saber battle is in play. I plunked him in the middle of the room after changing his diaper.
He turned and looked up at the tv to see the amazing duel. His face lit up like he’d just gotten a free pass to Disney World. His chubby legs carried him quick as lightning around the back of the chair. When he emerged he had one sword in each hand and was waving them wildly in the air.
Yup, he’ll do just fine. 🙂

If it has even the slightest remote possibility of being climbed . . . it will be, regardless of the consequences. Nothing can keep him in and nothing can keep him out.

We were walking into the store this morning when a big loud truck drove past us and started to park. Jaocb stopped in mid-step. “Yea!” he said clapping his hands together. He wouldn’t budge until the ignition was turned off. Just stood clapping and cheering all the while, then as we walked away he proceeded to wave bye-bye to the truck and blow it kisses.

One last thing we have noticed about our little toddler boy. He appears to be left handed. He eats and draws with his left hand, though he does a number of things with his right hand too. It’s just kind of fun to see all the changes and to finally experience how different a little boy is from 3 little girls. 🙂


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7 responses to “Random Jacob Post

  1. Sounds just like Evan but, I don’t have girls to compare him too. I laughed out loud about the climbing part, Evan too climbs any and everything.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of boyhood!

    All I could do was smile and reminisce while reading this post, it reminded me of the trouble my little boy was constantly getting into and continues to every day. 😉

  3. Yup. He’s a boy all right!! I can relate to this “random” post. Everyday occurances here.

  4. Being a mom to three boys, I can TOTALLY relate:)!Climbing, running, eating the pets’ food/water (yeah, Dominic’s discovered that cat food tastes good 😦 at least he thinks so. He ate one and said Mmmm), rough ‘n tough, tumbling. Hang on, GoofyJ, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride … but lots of fun!

  5. My girls have all been soo active and are always into things, but they are still very feminine, it is soo much fun to see how different Jacob is and while he is most likely in the same ammount of ‘trouble’ it’s different trouble. 🙂 (the change is nice, and rather fun . . . for now, heh) 🙂

  6. Boy, he sure sounds like a handful. A wonderful handful, but a handful nonetheless. 😉

  7. Boys are fun, aren’t they?

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