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Evan (The Adventures Of An Awesome (Sometimes) Mother) Heart Surgery

Evan (not to be confused with Evan Braveheart) underwent heart surgery today (fontan for those who are heart savvy). I’m sure they would appreciate any support and prayers you can send them. At this point the surgery is over and things have gone well thus far.

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Probably More Than You Ever Wanted To Know . . .

This was at Deb’s, and though I’m not much of a meme girl I am feeling low on creativity, so I went with it . . .

Juliana Hossenfeffer Jingle Heimer Schmidt (My mom’s pet name for me)

Favorite Drink:~
Berry Smoothie in Summer, Hot Chocolate in Winter

No. Well, unless I count the blue mark from where I was stabbed by a pencil as a kid like Perpetual Chocoholic did. 🙂

Body Piercings:~
I am not a leaky sieve, though I do have one hole in each ear

How much do you love you job 0-10:~
A perfect 10

Birthplace:~ Pennsylvania

Favorite Vacation Spot:~
Vacation? I’ll have to figure out where my mind goes and then I will let you know

Stolen any traffic signs:~
Nope, just used them for gathering information to send to the enemy

2 door or 4 door?~
3 door (our van is the stone age style that still only opens on one side, heh) unless the kids decide to use the backend for an escape hatch

Salad Dressing:~
Honey Mustard Poppy Seed or Caesar

Favorite Pie:~
YUMMMMM I have never met a pie I didn’t like

Favorite Movie:~
Ever After

Favorite Holiday:~ Easter (It has a whole new meaning, especially now) and Christmas

Favorite Food:~
CHOCOLATE and anything I don’t have to clean up after 🙂

Favorite Day Of The Week:~

Favorite Soap:~
(Now this says soap. Deb answered Tomato. ??? Does she like tomato soup or soap . . .) I’ll go with soup (I don’t have a favorite soap) Rachel Soup (She’s a lady in my church that makes it, it is soooo yummy, she brought us some after Jacob was born and we have called it Rachel Soup ever since) Nothing like a complicated answer to a simple question

So that’s where Elmer’s glue comes from, I always heard it was ground up horse hooves (that’s probably not right either, I just remember thinking that in elementary school)

What do you do to relax:~
Read, hide from my kids, and play the piano

Where do you see your self in 10 years:~
If I’m still alive by then, not tied up in a closet, or not in an insane assylum I’ll let you know, but figuring that I will have three girls ages 17, 16, 14 there is a good chance that one, if not all, of those senarios will apply

What do you do when bored:~
memes heh 🙂
No really, bored? With this rabble? You’ve got to be kidding. . .

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