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“Put another nickle in, in the nicklodian, all I want is loving you and Music, Music, MUSIC”

Maybe I’m in a meme mood, or maybe it’s just that when Karen posted a music meme I couldn’t resist the monstrous temptation:

What is the first music you remember hearing?
I remember as a little girl huddled with my family around the radio listening to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by Prokofiev. It was one of my favorite pieces and I was so confused at how they got the entire orchestra to fit into that little black box.Did you come from a musical family?
Yes, yes, most defintely yes. My grandma played piano and taught (taught my mom to play), my other grandma was an amazing singer, my mom taught all of us (and many others) to play piano. While my brothers quit when they started other instruments, my sisters and I continued. In our family(my siblings and I) we have a flutist/baratonist, a cello/pianist/organist, a violinist/pianist, a clarinetist/composer, and a french hornist/trombonist/pianist/organist.

Do you remember a lullaby from your childhood? If so, what is it?
I remember one lullaby in particular: “Rock-a-bye, don’t you cry, we will go to grammy’s. Up the hill behind the mill to see the little lambies.” When I was in labor with Elizabeth Paul was singing it (I had taught it to him) at some point and the two of ust wrote our own second verse: “We’ll go down, and see them there, laying in the pasture. They’ll have dreams of knights and queens and happily ever after.” We sing both verses to our kids now every night as we tuck them in. 🙂

What song(s) changed your life?
There are sooo many. 🙂 But there are three main ones I can think of:
1. A french horn concerto, most likely by Mozart. I was too young to remember which one, I just remember hearing the glorious sound of the horn and knowing as my soul took flight that I would play that instrument some day.
2. While on my mission I learned the spanish version of the hymn, O Light Divine, or Divina Luz. The words in spanish are so powerful it has truly helped me become the person I am.
3. Jupiter and Mars from Holst’s Planets. The first semester Paul was at Ricks (it was my last) we played those songs at our last concert. Jupiter became ‘our song’. Those songs hold a lot of memories and were part of the cause of getting us together in the first place.

If you could have dinner with three dead musicians which three would you choose and why?

Sounds rather morbid, heh. 🙂 I would love to pow wow with Lizst, so I could see how huge his hands really were and to hear him play would have to be the most astounding thing ever, I would love to meet Rchmaninoff, for many of the same reasons as I would love to hang out with Lizst, and I would gladly sit down with Barry Tuckwell (or Dennis Brain), two of the greatest horn players.
(I would also love to meet Danny Kaye, because he is just so dang funy!)

You are stranded on a deserted island. You are allowed the complete musical works of one band and its members. Which band or musician would you choose?
I would have to go with my new found love of ‘Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band’, if nothing else, they would keep me laughing, but then, if I am on a deserted island, Harry Belafonte would seem so fitting, especially if it was a tropical island and there were lots and lots of bananas . . .”Day-o, me say day-o, daylight come and me wanna go home . . .”

Does music play in your head? If so, what is playing right now?
All the time . . .right now? Well since I was just singing the banana boat song in the question before, it hasn’t left yet. 🙂

Can music truly soothe the savage beast? If so, what music soothes your beast?
So Karen pointed out that the correct phrase is ‘savage breast’ but in memes we’re apparantly supposed to keep typos intact (I suppose then, that in my last meme, Deb really was going for tomato soap rather than soup, heh) 🙂

Definitely. When I am ticked it helps a ton, especially if I can play it. Paul always jokes that he can tell if I’ve had a bad day by how hard I’m pounding away at the piano when he comes home. 🙂 As far as what music it depends on what is bothering me at the time. Usually I enjoy things that are peppy and fun and get me thinking about and looking at the positive side of life. 🙂

That’s all folks! 🙂

(For those of you unfamiliar with the title of my post, it is a line from the song Music! Music! Music! popular in the 50’s. Here is a link if you want to hear it, it is a favorite of mine to play on the piano and have Paul play the spoons to it) 🙂


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