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Things That Make a Mother’s Heart Pound

I walked in the door this evening and greeted my babysitter. My hubby is out of town again this weekend and so I got a baby sitter so I could go to the General Relief Society broadcast for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I visited with the babysitter about the evening she mentioned that she thought Jacob might be sick. He had been really cuddly, tired, didn’t eat much and felt warm.

I bid her farewell and went to take Jacob’s temp. I hated that nervous feeling as I walked into his room to look into his crib, it felt too similar to the events early on in his life, and I was glad to see him fine and smiling at me as I said his name. I expected a slight fever, 99, 101 maybe. He, nor any of my kids but one on one occasion had ever had anything higher. I was greeted by a whopping 104.2! He was perfectly fine this morning, active, rambunctious even, no sign that he wasn’t feeling well, and now all of a sudden a high fever. Thank goodness there don’t appear to be any other symptoms along with it. His breathing is fine, he doesn’t appear to be congested or in pain. Just fighting off a high fever.

I’m sure it’ll drop (I gave him some tylenol) but it makes me nervous all the same, especially with hubby out of town until late tomorrow night. I’ll just sleep a lot more comfortably once his fever has gone.


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