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50 responses to “Eyes

  1. Makes me sing “Blue eyes, blue eyes ” They are really a water deep blue. Nice !

    Thank you for your comment !

  2. mar

    Awwww, and her eyes match your blog so nicely 🙂
    happy saturday! my pic is up

  3. Stunning blue eyes, and a beautiful little girl. Thnx for sharing :=)

    Mines up

  4. Those eyes are Cyan Blue.

    mine is up

  5. What beautiful eyes and a sweet smile…

  6. Such a doll and what beautiful blue eyes. Great smile too.
    Mine’s up too. Come have a look.

  7. Aww… how precious! The eyes are almost like from another photo!

    I’ve played too.

  8. what a cutie pie! I love blue eyes…
    thanks for coming over and checking out my lil’ brown eyed girl!!!!
    hapy saturday!

  9. Pat

    Oh, what gorgeous blue eyes!

  10. TC

    Wow she has beautiful eyes.

  11. Lovely picture. She’s a precious gem.

    Happy Saturday!
    Mine is up now.


  12. oh my gosh what a precious picutre. She’s adorable!

  13. big & blue!! what a sweetie. have a great weekend!

  14. I think those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! Just beautiful!

  15. Totally captivating eyes. You could go swimming in those blue pools.

  16. soooooooooooooo pretty! Clear, sparkly and happy eyes.

  17. What beautiful eyes she has! so big and blue! Love em…I played too, thanks for visiting. stacie

  18. Pam

    Thanks for visiting me.

  19. What a beautiful girl! She has lovely eyes. Great picture!

  20. Deb

    Her picture makes me feel happy all over!
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  21. Great photo. I can see why you chose it.

    My SPH is up now.

  22. oh she’s got adorable BLUE eyes… I always wished I had blue eyes, but I guess mine change colors frequently which is cool. thanks for the visit.

  23. What beautiful eyes. I love those blue children eyes. Our son had them – and he still does.
    Thank you for sharing.

  24. Cat

    How beautiful!

    thanks for stopping by!

  25. oh geez, I can see broken hearts all over the place when she grows up. 😉

  26. Awww. . .such pretty blue eyes!

  27. Such glee!
    I love it.
    Thanks for stopping in,

  28. What beautiful blue eyes! She’s so cute 🙂 Makes ya smile.

    Great picture!

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  29. What beautiful blue eyes!!! She’s a cutie!

    Happy Saturday!

  30. What beautiful BLUE BLUE eyes! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen eyes so blue!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. What a beautiful photo!
    Good choice!
    Happy weekend!
    Mine’s up, drop by!

  32. Adorable picture and gorgeous eyes!

  33. Love the little ringlets that frame her beautiful eyes!

  34. I love the picture. Beutiful eyes and a contageous smile.

    Mine is finally up.

  35. Ma

    What a cutie with the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  36. She has such lovely blue eyes! But I’m sure you already knew that 🙂

  37. Look at those eyes!

    Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

  38. Sweet picture :). Is that one of your little girls?

  39. She’s absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for visiting me too, and I hope you have a great weekend!

  40. You really don’t need any words for that photo. She is a cutie. What beautiful blue eyes she has!

  41. What a cute picture. Great choice.

  42. What a cutie! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

  43. Great photo! What beautiful blue eyes!

  44. Very Sweet. She does hae beautiful eyes.

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