Another One

You know, sometimes things happen that seem casually ordinary until after you are home and kick your feet up. It is at that moment of relaxation and cozy comfort that you realize, wow, that could have been bad.

Thursday morning I left with my two youngest strapped safely into the stroller I take walking and escorted my children to school. I was leaving the school to continue on my three mile walk when I was stopped by a fellow walker that I pass every morning. “Can I walk with you?” She asked as she jogged up to me. “My partner couldn’t make it.”

My partner couldn’t make it either and so I agreed and off on the walk we went. I don’t know this lady very well and we enjoyed visiting and talkingas we walked. We had walked about 1 3/4 miles when we passed the entrance of a corner apartment complex and crossed the street. We barely reached the other side when a resounding crash echoed from behind us. We spun around to see two cars involoved in an accident. My new friend grabbed her cel phone and called it in as we jogged to the scene of the accident. Thankfully no one was hurt, and it was a very minor accident.

It wasn’t until I was safe at home that I realized what would have happened if we had been 30 seconds slower. The accident happened as a car pulled out of the driveway of the complex and hit a passing car. Had we been on that portion of side walk, anything could have happened. Just another mini miracle to remind us of a Heavenly Father who loves us and watches over us.



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7 responses to “Another One

  1. Wow. I’ve had experiences like that too.

    Once as we were leaving on a road trip, I was frustrated because we were running behind and then to top it off, we made a wrong turn and had to turn around. A while later we ended up in a dead stop on the freeway. We were there for hours before we moved. Turns out there was a horrible accident just a few miles infront of us. As frustrated as I had been for those little delays that had made us more and more late, I was all of a sudden grateful that we weren’t just a few miles ahead of where we were. Who knows if we would have been involved in the fatal crash if we had?

    I’m glad you are safe!!!

  2. deb

    I’m glad you’re okay! If your friend wouldn’t have stopped you. . .oh wow you’re lucky!

    I really liked this post and your last one too. I had a fourth grade teacher who would have made Mussalini look like a teddy bear. LOL

  3. I am so glad that you are alright! Thank goodness for tender mercies!

  4. So glad you, your little ones, and your new friend are all fine!

  5. So glad you’re all okay! Whew!

  6. Anything could have happened. So glad you were out of harm’s way.

  7. Yikes what a scary thing to have happen. I am glad you are ok!–>

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