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Oh The Irony . . .

. . . or should I be scared?

I took each of the girls on a mommy daughter date today. Most of my conversations with kids were typical little kid stuff, but not Dorothy. We had a fun filled talk about what the appropriate age for dating is (one of her 1st grader friends apparantly has a boyfriend). Oh the horror! To talk to your 6 year old about boyfriends and such.

Apparantly, after she was home and I was out with the next daughter, she grilled dad. “When will I know I’m in love?” “How did you know you loved mommy?” And so on.

Upon arriving home from our date just now, I showed Paul the photo I posted today for the scavenger hunt of Dorothy sitting in the steering wheel of the car, with the title of “Dreaming”. He gave a chuckle, “Oh! That reminds me of something else she asked me about.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“She asked, ‘Daddy, when will I be old enough to drive?'”

Am I ready for this?


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Dreaming of the things to come,
Enjoying them as they are.

This is little Dorothy helping Daddy drive (of course we are parked at this time).


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