Daily Archives: October 24, 2006

Senility? Or Just Loosing My Mind . . .

I am always loosing things. I will search the entire house for my keys, only to find them safely swinging in my hand. I will try to divine the secret places that my glasses disappear to, until I realize that the only reason I can see is because they are, in fact, upon my face. Yesterday I hit a new, all time low. 🙂

I stepped out of the shower, after my walk, and began to locate everything I needed to get dressed. That is when I realized that I had lost it. I knew I had placed it right there on the counter. I looked under my clothes, I looked in my drawer, I looked on the bed, under the bed, I even peeked in the cupboard (who knows where things end up when I am distracted), but I just couldn’t find my bra anywhere.

For a frustrated moment I wondered if Jacob had absconded with it and was wearing it as some crazy hat, but realized that he was safe in his room (an attempt to keep him out of trouble and give me a moment’s peace where I can shower). In horror I thought maybe Emily had filched it and was parading it around the house. Thankfully it dawned on me that nothing would tear her away from Sesame Street. So that left me with the crazy question of where had my bra disappeared to?

With one last exasperated look around the room I went to my dresser to fetch another, and that is when I realized . . .

I had been wearing it the whole time!


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