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Another Miracle for Jacob

Paul’s parents were here for a visit over this last weekend, and the kids loved having their grandparents here (we enjoyed having them here too). 🙂 Yesterday, after we had fed the kids lunch and sent them off to quiet time, we were sitting at the table chatting over BLTs.

CRASH!!! For a split second no one moved, Paul and I just gaped at each other knowing that nothing good could have come from that big of a crash. Paul bolted from the table charging down the hall way, with me just a little behind. He rounded the corner by the girls room, unsure of where the crash had come from, and then he heard Elizabeth crying, “Oh no! Jacob!” He ran past their room and rushed into Jacob’s room. All he saw was the large cedar dresser laying across the floor and a muffled cry coming from beneath it. “Jacob!” his bellow struck my very core as I raced into Jacob’s room and saw him trying to lift the dresser and pull Jacob out from beneath it. With a cry of alarm I grabbed the dresser and finished heaving it out of the way.

Paul held a screaming boy and tried to comfort him as I inspected him for damage. Girls rushed from their various locations crying and anxious to be sure he was okay. Grandparents came running. I don’t know what I expected, but I knew it couldn’t be good. I took him in my shaking arms and cradled him. All we found as we looked him over was a good sized bump on the back of the head and a small bruise on his forhead. No concussion, no broken bones, no major bruises that we could spot aside from the bump and bruise on his head.

I prayed again and again thanking Heavenly Father for yet another miracle regarding our son. With four children we have never had to worry about one of them toppling a dresser, but then, I suppose he is my first boy. 🙂


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