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The Box

In the autumn as leaves turn red
The house is quiet and school has started.
My mother takes me by the hand
And fetches the little red wagon.
In it she places a tin lunch box
And some shears for cutting away the wood.

Across the pasture we walk to the wood
Gloriously bedecked in frocks of gold. The red
Barn winks at us, and I wonder what is in that box.
Thwack! Thwack! My mom has started
Hacking away the foliage. Behind me I pull the wagon,
Receiving the branches she puts into my hand.

A little spider scampers up my hand
And with a shriek I send the wood
Flying while I drop the handle on the wagon.
Startled, my mother turns her red
Cheeks toward me. A laugh erupts that Started
From the depths of her soul, and once again I eye the box

A mystery is contained in that box
Enticing my chubby hand
To pry it open, but just as I get started
My mother guides us further into the Wood.
I swat at branches snatching my favorite red
Sweater and tread upon the roots who dare belay my wagon.

Twigs and brush spill over the edges of my wagon
Until it rolls to a labored halt. Mother takes the box
Into her hands and sits beside a hollow tree; red
Leaves swirling shadows over her hand
As she unclasps the rusted metal. The wood
Holds its breath and even the wind has started

To calm in anticipation. In wonderment I start
to gaze upon the treasure convoyed by the wagon
Through the wild wood
In its homely rusted box.
Mother places in my hand
A beloved book and chocolate wrapped in shiny red.

I have barely started to unwrap my red
Treasure as I lean upon the wagon. Mother clasps my hand
and reads about enchantments in the wood, hidden in a box.

-J.H. Schmidt

Written in a form called Sestina for a class, based on my love of fall and this memory.

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I Have a Health Quesiton About My Pizza

Pizza was on the menu last night. The day had been fun and crazy and dinner hadn’t happened. I picked up the phone in the kitchen and glanced at the fridge and dialed the phone number. On the second ring a thrill of horror shot down my spine as I realized I had looked at the apple magnet rather than the white rectangle magnet and had dialed my children’s pediatrician’s office. But of course I wasn’t sure. By the third ring I was looking at the clock. A sigh escaped me when I saw it was 5:01 and after hours (by one minute). On the fourth ring the message kicked in.

I hung up, dialed the right number and ordered my pizza. Then midst giggles I told Paul that I had almost tried to order a pizza from our pediatrician. Wouldn’t that have been a hoot if it had been just a few minutes earlier?

“Hello, Dr. Whittaker’s office.”

“Yes, What specials do have for this evening?”

I must say, even though it would have been hillarious had I gotten through to the Dr.’s office, I sure am glad they had closed already. heh 🙂

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Another One

You know, sometimes things happen that seem casually ordinary until after you are home and kick your feet up. It is at that moment of relaxation and cozy comfort that you realize, wow, that could have been bad.

Thursday morning I left with my two youngest strapped safely into the stroller I take walking and escorted my children to school. I was leaving the school to continue on my three mile walk when I was stopped by a fellow walker that I pass every morning. “Can I walk with you?” She asked as she jogged up to me. “My partner couldn’t make it.”

My partner couldn’t make it either and so I agreed and off on the walk we went. I don’t know this lady very well and we enjoyed visiting and talkingas we walked. We had walked about 1 3/4 miles when we passed the entrance of a corner apartment complex and crossed the street. We barely reached the other side when a resounding crash echoed from behind us. We spun around to see two cars involoved in an accident. My new friend grabbed her cel phone and called it in as we jogged to the scene of the accident. Thankfully no one was hurt, and it was a very minor accident.

It wasn’t until I was safe at home that I realized what would have happened if we had been 30 seconds slower. The accident happened as a car pulled out of the driveway of the complex and hit a passing car. Had we been on that portion of side walk, anything could have happened. Just another mini miracle to remind us of a Heavenly Father who loves us and watches over us.


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