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Yup. In technical jargon the radioligist reported that “there is a slight infiltrate in the left lung” in normal everyday language Jacob has a slight case of pneumonia. The great news is that we caught it right at the beginning, and can fight it off before it gets worse. Thank goodness. So glad for promptings and feelings that this one wasn’t a case to be ignored. Because we are catching it early on he just needs amoxicillan. Granted, if that doesn’t knock it out we’ll have to go to something stronger,but we’ll hope for the best. 🙂 It will still be a while, i.e. a few days, before we know anything about the labs for whooping cough and RSV.


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A Bunch of Sickos

Yup, I think I am running an infirmary right now. Emily had bad cold, fever, fever went away and she was vomitting on Sunday, but now is better. Dorothy was vomitting on Sunday night, with a fever, and now has a bad cold with a fever that comes and goes. Elizabeth had a slight fever Tuesday night, nothing yesterday and has been pronounced well. Dad was vomitting with Dorothy on Sunday night and had a fever Monday and part of yesterday, but I think is doing better. Thankfully, I am fine, Jacob, however is not.

Friday night he was vomitting with a fever. The fever died off a bit on Sunday and that is when his cough started. The fever kept spiking at night, and dying off in the day. Then last night, after getting to bed after 12:00, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. Jacob was having coughing fit after coughing fit and a fever back up at 101-102. Coughing so hard he was gagging and could hardly draw breath inbetween his coughs. We managed to get it under control finally, but sleep for the rest of the night was shot as I rolled restlessly in bed listening to his frantic coughs.

I took him in first thing this morning to our pediatrician. You know how sometimes pediatricians tend to say less, because they are afraid of worrying you too much if it turns out to be nothing? Well, that is how I felt today watching him. It wasn’t the fact that he ordered labs for whooping cough and RSV for just in case, or even an x-ray to be sure there wasn’t stuff in his lungs. But his perplexed look as he listened to Jacob and my descriptions of the night before. The ominous frown and wrinkled eyebrows as he eyed Jacob said all I needed to know. Dr. Whittaker was not happy with what he was hearing, besides which he doesn’t order for things like x-rays and such with out provocation.

So off to the hospital we went and Jacob got prodded up the nose and basically confined in a tube for his x-ray, poor little tyke. He trooped through it exceedingly well, considering. We are heading off for nap time, and I get to play the waiting game, with the phone beside me waiting for a call on the x-ray results. Hopefully he will be clear as a bell with just a nasty cold. . . I’ll be sure to post what I find out. 🙂


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