Yup. In technical jargon the radioligist reported that “there is a slight infiltrate in the left lung” in normal everyday language Jacob has a slight case of pneumonia. The great news is that we caught it right at the beginning, and can fight it off before it gets worse. Thank goodness. So glad for promptings and feelings that this one wasn’t a case to be ignored. Because we are catching it early on he just needs amoxicillan. Granted, if that doesn’t knock it out we’ll have to go to something stronger,but we’ll hope for the best. šŸ™‚ It will still be a while, i.e. a few days, before we know anything about the labs for whooping cough and RSV.


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7 responses to “Pneumonia

  1. Sorry to hear the crew is all sick.
    I hope Jacob and everyone else recover quickly.

  2. Not at all fun to have even one sick, let alone everyone :(. I hope your family starts to feel better very soon…and that the amoxicillan will clear up little Jacob’s pneumonia.

  3. Deb

    Eww. . .poor baby! I had pneumonia when I was small.

    He’ll be fine; I’m praying for ya!

  4. Poor kiddo! I hope he feels batter soon!

    PS I tagged you!

  5. I’m sorry everyone’s sick. But yes, at least you caught it early. And hey, amoxicillin is one of the medicines that Wal-Mart now sells for $4. (I looked at the entire list in hopes that my medication is on there. Of course it’s not. Because why would *I* be that fortunate??)

  6. So sorry to read about all the sickness that is going on! Will be praying for Jacob and a quick recovery, so glad you and the doctors acted quickly to catch it. Will be checking on you all.

  7. UPDATE: The crew is doing well, Dorothy is back to school today, and everyone seems to be recovering. Dot and Emmy still have coughs, but not too bad. Jacob still has some improvement to make, but at least I don’t have everybody sick. We were up again at 4:20 this morning trying to quiet his coughing and gagging. At least his fever seems to have gone, at least for now anyway, so hopefully it will stay that way. šŸ™‚

    Sariah: to bad I missed that comment until after my pediatrician already called it in to Bi-Mart, but then the closest Wal-mart is 20 minutes away, and I probably would have spent the extra $5 I paid at bimart in gas just driving there. šŸ™‚ I’ll remember that for next time though.

    Eveyone: Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers, it means a lot to have so much support. šŸ™‚

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