Heart Smiles

I have written a number of times about going to the hospital and helping out with the three main holiday meals: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I just starting to realize that it was getting close when I got an email for the woman who organizes the dinners. She organizes the dinners at three separate hospitals; of course we always go to the hospital where Jacob was. She had a major last minute break down for two of the hospitals, one of them being Jacob’s. She asked me if I could talk to our congregation and friends and see if anyone could help out at all. The email came in the middle of the week before last, just as we were headed into our week of sickos. Needless to say, it got shunted aside as I ran after kids with mop and bucket in hand, and fought off pneumonia (Jacob is doing fabulously now by the way, his cough is nearly cleared out completely, fever gone for a while now, and back up to his energetic self).

On Sunday while at church I suddenly remembered the desperate need for food for the Thanksgiving dinner. Paul raced home to write down what was needed from the email we were sent. We made up a sign-up sheet and passed it around to the women.

I didn’t think that we wouldn’t get a good turn out, I just didn’t expect this big of one. In just one pass of the sheet, we have almost everything we need to provide for both dinners! And I still have a week and a half to gather the last of the donations needed. I am so excited that everyone came through for the cause. These dinners mean so much to the patients and parents at the hospital, they mean a lot to me, from the experience we had. To race in last minute with everything needed to carry the dinner on makes my heart smile. I’m not congratulating myself by any means, I’m congratulating the awesome people and friends at church that have given so generously from their heart to make it all happen


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6 responses to “Heart Smiles

  1. How wonderful that everyone came through for such a great cause. That makes my heart smile too :).

  2. It means so much to be able to give back in some way to those who are traveling down a road you have already been down or those that helped you down that road. Praying that the dinner is a huge success.

  3. Deb

    I’m so glad everything turned out

  4. That’s great! People can be so supportive when needed.

  5. I think the idea of the dinners is such a great one! It must be so rewarding to be involved; knowing how much it means to the families of those in hospital. Glad it’s going well.

    I’m happy to hear Jacob’s recovered well, too:)!

  6. If you need any more help in any way, just let me know! I will be glad to make a donation!

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