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Heart Stopping Panic

We were walking down a stair case, Paul, Jacob and I, some ways up from the ground. Faces were all around us, recognizable, and yet, somehow lost in shadow. The stair rail running beside us was tall with broad blue slats placed too far apart. Far enough apart for a young child to slip through. Someone had thought of this though, and there was some wire mesh going about half way up, leaving a gap between the mesh and the top rail.

I don’t remember how it happened, I just remember a scream ripping from my chest as I saw Jacob plummet over the side. “Call 911,” I yelled at a nameless face as Paul and I hurtled ourselves down the long staircase, afraid of what we would find at the bottom. We couldn’t run fast enough, it seemed as though our legs churned in slow motion as my heart threatened to beat its way up my throat and out of my body. I felt sick with fear; absolute nameless terror; so much so that I could hardly breathe. We rounded the last corner and there he was. Laying crumpled on the floor. With a sob I rushed forward, stopping short of his still form, not daring to touch him for fear of doing him more injury. “Where is the ambulence?” I cried. Some how I knew that miraculously he would be fine. He always came out fighting, he had a purpose here that God wanted him to do, he wouldn’t be taken from us yet.

Sirens filled my head and I was surrounded by paramedics rushing here and there and we were transported to the hospital. He was alive. All were amazed. He had a terrible concussion, but he was alive. “No one should have survived that fall,” they told me shaking their heads in awe. I was told that during all the tests they had performed they had found some additional minor problems with his heart, nothing too serious they told me…

With a start I sat bolt upright in bed, trying to figure out where I was and what was happening. Paul was sleeping soundly beside me, low snores eminating from his half open mouth. I could hear Jacob breathing softly in his room over the monitor. Choking back terrified tears I snuggled close to my husband clasping his hand. I didn’t want to wake him. Not now, that would almost make it too real. Even as I recounted the terrible nightmare in the bright lights of the bathroom, a shadow was cast over our usual cheery moods. Yes, it was just a dream, but we’ll be keeping an extra close eye on him over the next few days, just in case.

(This happened just last night… I am still shaken.)


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Tiger Cubs at the Zoo

One last set of photos (can you tell I’m making up for slacking off over this last week?)
We took Grandma and Grandpa to the zoo when they were here for a visit. While we were there we found these cute little tiger cubs and just had to take them home with us. They are still a bit wild and ferocious, but we are working on taming them. 😉

(as in shish ka-bob, I have no idea how he got this nick name, but get it he did)


or when she is feel particularly wild:

I know it’s a bit odd to name a tiger Lizard, but then, we are.
Odd that is. 🙂

We’re training them for the Wagner Family Circus, heh. 🙂


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Carving Pumpkins and Stuffing Scarecrows

Last year we started a new halloween/autumn tradition. While at Heiser Farms we picked up some haybales and the corn stalks. Then, a day or two later we sat out on our front step and stuffed our friendly scarecrow. Everyone pitched in and Jacob watched from his play area. Here we have the crew hanging on the front step surrounded by our fall festivities.

Pumpkin carving time! One of our favorite activities. Everyone loves to take the ‘guts’ out of the punpkins and for Jacob it was a new and interesting experience. You can tell by the grin on his face, he thought it was lots of fun. 🙂

I love how the seeds and goop are just dripping out of Emily’s hands all the way down to the pumpkin.

Here is everyone, digging and scraping away.

I know it’s mean of me not to post photos of the finished products, I didn’t do it on purpose, they are just in my camera still with the rest of the halloween photos. They will be coming soon (after Thanksgiving some time).

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What has Jacob been up to lately?

Another set of photos. . .

I was making dinner one night when I had a little visitor. I turned around to return the eggs to their proper place and I found this little rascal who had snuck into the fridge before the door had closed. . .

Isn’t this where mom keeps all the yummy stuff?

(have no worries we got snapped a quick photo and got him out quick, with a sound ‘No! The fridge/dresser is not a place to play.’)

I suppose this was fore shadowing of the disaster the day after when he got squashed by the dresser. It was too late in the evening at this point to get anything to fasten the dresser to the wall with, and in all honesty we never thought he’d succeed in pulling it over. But I have to say, even though he got a firm ‘No.’ and we were rather upset to find him playing in the dresser, it did make for an adorable photo.
(Do I have another Dot on my hands?)
heh 🙂


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