Thyme?…or was that Time?


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I finally have gotten back on the ball and had a bit of fun with this one. Our regular camer died, and I have entered the wonderful world of digital and super zoom. 🙂 The following two pictures are dried thyme. (It’s worth the click to see the big pic on the top one).

And since the topic was ‘Time’ I couldn’t pass up my favorite clock.


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47 responses to “Thyme?…or was that Time?

  1. LoL very clever 🙂 loving the Goffy clock – thanks for visiting us.

  2. DoH!! spelling mistake – sorry Goofy clock 😉

  3. srp

    That is very, very clever.
    Love the Goofy clock. I had a Mickey one as a child and a Kermit The Frog watch as an adult…. my favorite.

  4. Haha, great interpretation of the theme … just LOVE the thyme! 😀 Very clever 🙂

  5. Pat

    GREAT photos for the theme! 🙂

  6. Great pics! Loved the macro shot of the thyme!!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Love the goofy clock too! MIne is up!

  9. Originel, thyme or time the difference is that time doesn’t smell !

  10. Great minds think alike! You have to check out my photo today! 🙂 Happy Saturday!

  11. Love it….I just saw one with thyme in another blog…you ladies are just too smart!! Great idea for this week’s theme.

    But the clock?!!! Outstanding. You’re MY kinda gal. That’s so darned cute.

    Happy weekend, and thanks for the visit.

  12. Love your photos! Isn’t it great to have a digital camera! Great job with the theme time…with a cute picture of thyme! Love it! 🙂 The goofy clock is cute too!

  13. Love that goofy clock!

    Mine is up too, have a great weekend.

  14. mar

    Love your Goofy clock to tell time!
    and I love thyme as well 🙂
    happy saturday !!

  15. What a clever idea! Love the take and the photos are spectacular!

    Mine’s Up!

  16. I love the clock- it made me laugh. I did a clock too- though not as whimsical as yours is! 🙂

  17. Deb

    Cute clock! And I love that you threw the thyme in for good measure :))

  18. Ah, the digital revolution finally reached you. You are going to love it! Great photos (macro is fun, isn’t it?). Oh, and if you feel like you could be doing a whole lot more — you should definitely take a course or something. (Just watch out for the plumbers.) 😉

  19. Oooooo I love the play on words! GOOD for you! Great shots too! (how fun — super zoom!) I’ve been waiting for a Mickey Mouse watch to show up — but the Goofy clock will do!

  20. Mr. Wonderful would say you had too much “time” on your hands. Love the goofy clock and spices.

  21. Neat shots and great take on the theme!

  22. Oh, I love the clock! But I bet it has a sound to be hated in the morning…

    Mine’s up too.

  23. Thyme is one of my favorite spices – good catch on the theme this week!
    and good photo shots too!
    Happy Saturday!
    Mine’s up too!

  24. Awesome pictures and I adore that clock!!

  25. Awwww…love your Thyme and Time pics. Nice closeups! I hope to get a camera with more pixls and zoom some day so I can take better closeup shots!

    Thanks for taking the TIME to visit me, Goofyj!

  26. What a fun take on the theme!

    Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

  27. Fun take of this theme! Thyme 🙂

  28. I absolutely love that Goofy clock!!
    Mines up!

  29. That clock is sure appropriate for your blog! Great pic!

    I played too!

  30. Great photo’s of time or was that thyme? 😉 I loved the first one enlarged, great detail.

  31. Cool Goofy clock. The pictures of the thyme are awesome. Welcome to the digi-age :)…

    Happy Saturday.

  32. Goofy clock…Cute….

  33. Beautiful close up! I love your creative take on the theme 🙂

  34. Great take on the theme! Love your goofy clock also. =) Thanks for stopping by.

  35. LOL – love it…great thoughts… thanks for the visit.

  36. Thyme – very clever and a nice close-up. And Goofy is good for classic time. I’m really enjoying the different ways everyone is depicting this week’s theme.

  37. Wonderful twist on the theme, spices things up a little!

  38. Cute and clever! Thank you for stopping by my site 🙂

  39. Good thinking! Mine is soooo unoriginal in comparison 😉 The goofy clock is very cute too 😀

  40. For infos Please come to my blog, CATS ON TUESDAY is created.

  41. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever visited a blog with 44 comments! You’re very popular:)!

    I’ve been away for the past week, but have enjoyed catching up on your life. I love seeing all of the photos and congrats on your new camera! Digital is wonderful:). Those pics in the pumpkin patch are great!

  42. Love the deliberate change of Time to Thyme – very well done! Way to take a theme and run with it.

  43. Great Interpretation! The Goofy clock is clever! Thanks for visiting!

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