The Day After

The biggest shopping day of the year. While people are whacking each other over the head for the newest latest model for the lowest of lowest prices I hunker down in left over pie and turkey bliss with kids clamoring all about me. I dread the traffic and hordes of people and evade stepping out of the house like I would the black plague. I won’t even venture to our local small town stores. So then why, or why did I find myself headed to the mall of all places on the day after Thanksgiving?

It all started at the hospital the day before. See we had taken those pictures of Jacob’s surgeon that we were so excited about, and when we went to take a picture of the group of us that helped with the dinner our camera stubbornly refused to turn on, or do anythign for that matter excepted make a few whining noises. Kids whining is bad enough. 😉 So when we got home we popped in a new battery thinking it would cure our camera ailments to no avail. The stubborn thing just fizzled out on us and wouldn’t even do the auto rewind when we pushed the special little button. I was frustrated and slightly panicked as I began to call around the next morning to find out who could extricate the precious photos without ruining them. Fred Meyer leaped in to save the day. I also spent an extra 4+ hours researching digital cameras and talking with my brother (who knows a lot about them) about things we would want. It was a daunting task, but by the end of my searching I had a good idea about the different things on digital cameras and an idea of what I wanted (that was at least close to the range we could somewhat afford, what I really want is WAY out there, heh).

I took my film over to Fred Meyer and they saved it from the man-eating camera with ease and proceeded to one hour develope it. I went home and proceeded to call every place in a 3o mile radius to ask about cameras, prices, sales, and warranties.

That is how I found myself driving in the late afternoon through holiday traffic this weekend on my grim search for the ‘only one left’ that had kindly been put on hold. No one jumped me at the counter or accosted me in the parking lot. I didn’t even have a fender fight over a parking spot, just glided right in. Fate must have been on my side. Why the rush on the camera? You might ask. Well, how can you decorate the tree on Sunday, without a camera to take the photos? So I braved insanity and came out still standing.

There is a lesson to this story: If you have to go out Thanksgiving Weekend, go late in the afternoon, all the nut-jobs have worn out by then, of course you’ll probably miss the biggest, bestest sale on the biggest bestest item, but then, Christmas isn’t about all that anyway. 🙂 heh


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7 responses to “The Day After

  1. I’m glad someone could save your flim. My fingers, not having done so in eight years, deftly remember every blind step in the black box to do such a task. Thanks for the memory!

    I’m so glad you have a digital camera, I know you’re going to love how easy everything is! And I’m glad no one threatened to shoot you over that “last one” camera.

  2. Deb

    You are a brave soul to willingly encounter the masses. No way in heck did I step one sneaker out the door on Friday.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower. Have a nice week!

  4. Glad to hear you survived the crazy stores on a crazy day of sales and I hope you enjoy your new camera! I’m sure you’ll love being able to upload photos any time you want on your computer.
    Have fun trying it out :)!

  5. You are going to love your digital camera. It is so great to be able to see your pictures seconds after you take them.

  6. Now do we get to see the pictures posted on the blog from the new camera?

  7. My sister in law is one of those early morning day after thanksgiving crazy shoppers. She didn’t even cross my mind while I was dreaming warm in my bed. I would much rather shop from the comfort of my home on my computer! 😀

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