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What’s In A Name?

Awesome Mom tagged me for the Name Game – the reasons I named my kids what I did:

Elizabeth Ane:
Elizabeth means “God is my oath” in Hebrew. I have always loved this name, though I don’t care for the typical nicknames. Paul had a distant relative that was very special to him and he has fond memories of her. They always addressed her as Cousin Ruth, her middle name was Elizabeth. Ane means “full of grace” and is after me. Nope, I didn’t spell it wrong; it is the Danish spelling of the name. I pronounce as in “Anne” though it is probably more correctly pronounce “Anna”. The name is not just after me though, I received the name because of my Great Great Grandmother who was a Danish immigrant and was a pioneer who walked in the Christianson Handcart Company to Utah. (Obviously my parents didn’t name me for the ‘grace’ part of the name, heh) 🙂

Dorothy Louise: Dorothy is Greek and means “Gift of God”. I love the meaning of this name and that is a main factor for the reason we chose it, the other (aside from I love the name itself) reason is that it is my Mother’s name. My mother is a wonderful person who is a wonderful example to many. I thought it would be and honor to my daughter to receive her name. Louise is old German for “Famous Warrior.” When you look at Dot’s personality it makes me chuckle to see how well it fits. She definitely has a warrior spirit. 🙂 Louise is another family name that I love. I love the sound it makes as it rolls off the tongue.

Emily Bernice: I have found origins of Emily listed as German, English, and Latin. And with meanings just as varied. I prefer the German meaning of “Industrious”. But the reason I chose her name once again relates back to my name. My first name was after one of two sisters, Julia and Emily. They came across the ocean from England and made the pioneer trek to Utah in the Willie Handcart Company. The Willie Handcart Company is one of the groups famous for becoming trapped in the snow and facing much hardship. I always felt honored to be named after my other Great Great Grandmother and in awe of the marvelous legacy she left me. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to name one of my daughters after her sister, Emily. While Julia was sometimes ill and had to ride in the cart, Emily walked and pushed/pulled that cart every step of the way until they were trapped and could go no further in the harsh winter. Bernice is after Paul’s mom and is Greek, meaning “Bringer of Victory”. Though and older name, and not often used, I like the combination it makes with Emily.

Jacob Paul: Jacob means “Supplanter” (Hebrew) but the reason we named him Jacob originally was because it was one of our favorite boy names, had family meaning, and was a sound scriptural name. The name was brought to a new light and gained new meaning to me while he was in the hospital. One day, after surgery and after he had been re-intubated because his lungs had collapsed, I was praying and reading in the Book of Mormon. I picked up where I had last read and found myself reading the words a prophet name Lehi told his son Jacob: 2 Nephi 2:1-4 (especially, but the whole chapter is wonderful). I cried as I thought about the special relation I could make between the words in the scriptures and to our own Jacob. It brought me much comfort and solace, and made the name even more important to me. Paul, ‘small’ in Greek (and Jacob is in no means small, heh), is obviously after my husband. The name has been passed down through the family for some time switching from first to middle. I believe Jacob is the 4th or 5th generation (at least) to carry the name onward.

Well, there you have it. 🙂 Each name is very special and dear to me. I hope each one of my children will love their name, know how special and important each name is, and follow the wonderful examples of those that have forged the way before them.

Oh, and I tag anyone who wants to do it, I love knowing meanings of names and why parents picked the names they picked. 🙂


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Yup. In technical jargon the radioligist reported that “there is a slight infiltrate in the left lung” in normal everyday language Jacob has a slight case of pneumonia. The great news is that we caught it right at the beginning, and can fight it off before it gets worse. Thank goodness. So glad for promptings and feelings that this one wasn’t a case to be ignored. Because we are catching it early on he just needs amoxicillan. Granted, if that doesn’t knock it out we’ll have to go to something stronger,but we’ll hope for the best. 🙂 It will still be a while, i.e. a few days, before we know anything about the labs for whooping cough and RSV.


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A Bunch of Sickos

Yup, I think I am running an infirmary right now. Emily had bad cold, fever, fever went away and she was vomitting on Sunday, but now is better. Dorothy was vomitting on Sunday night, with a fever, and now has a bad cold with a fever that comes and goes. Elizabeth had a slight fever Tuesday night, nothing yesterday and has been pronounced well. Dad was vomitting with Dorothy on Sunday night and had a fever Monday and part of yesterday, but I think is doing better. Thankfully, I am fine, Jacob, however is not.

Friday night he was vomitting with a fever. The fever died off a bit on Sunday and that is when his cough started. The fever kept spiking at night, and dying off in the day. Then last night, after getting to bed after 12:00, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. Jacob was having coughing fit after coughing fit and a fever back up at 101-102. Coughing so hard he was gagging and could hardly draw breath inbetween his coughs. We managed to get it under control finally, but sleep for the rest of the night was shot as I rolled restlessly in bed listening to his frantic coughs.

I took him in first thing this morning to our pediatrician. You know how sometimes pediatricians tend to say less, because they are afraid of worrying you too much if it turns out to be nothing? Well, that is how I felt today watching him. It wasn’t the fact that he ordered labs for whooping cough and RSV for just in case, or even an x-ray to be sure there wasn’t stuff in his lungs. But his perplexed look as he listened to Jacob and my descriptions of the night before. The ominous frown and wrinkled eyebrows as he eyed Jacob said all I needed to know. Dr. Whittaker was not happy with what he was hearing, besides which he doesn’t order for things like x-rays and such with out provocation.

So off to the hospital we went and Jacob got prodded up the nose and basically confined in a tube for his x-ray, poor little tyke. He trooped through it exceedingly well, considering. We are heading off for nap time, and I get to play the waiting game, with the phone beside me waiting for a call on the x-ray results. Hopefully he will be clear as a bell with just a nasty cold. . . I’ll be sure to post what I find out. 🙂


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La Boca Chueca

I was sitting at dinner the other night wristing my fore-arms on the edge of the table while chatting and eating. And I got to thinking about where that habbit had comefrom. It wasn’t the tabboo etiquette of putting my elbows on the table, but my hands seldomly landed in my lap, even during conversation. That is when I remembered a very strict point of Chilean dinner etiquette: your hands must be above the table at all times. I can’t remember why, I think it meant something along the lines that if your hands couldn’t be seen your were shifty or less than honest, not trustworthy.

Another thing that I was told about was how many Latinos pointed with their lips. “How funny!” I remember thinking, “I will never do that.” Well, I am still a lip pointer, my husband has a good chuckle over it. It comes in dreadfully useful when my hands are full and I need to ask someone to do something or get something and I can just point with my lips and say, “over there” or “can you get (lip thrust inserted here) that for me dear?” Or I can wiggle my eyebrows playfully and point my lips in the direction of the bedroom. 🙂 I have even caught Paul pointing with his lips. Watch out, its catching, you might start doing it to! 🙂

One of my favorite ‘old wive’s tales’ in Chile was ‘la boca chueca’ or the crooked mouth. I was warned of this ailment shortly after my arrival. It was evening and we had been drinking Ecco (a hot drink similar to Postum that is a favorite there). Though it never got very cold in the Northern desert of Chile, it would get a bit chilly in the winter months after the sun had set. I finished the last of my drink and my companion and I got up to leave, it was getting late and we needed to get back home quickly.

“No, no!” the Senora told me, “You cannot go now, you will get ‘la bocca chueca’!” Looking at my mystified face she explained to me, “When you drink a hot drink and step out into the cold immediately your mouth will jerk to the side of your face and be stuck.” Of course I had never heard of this and decided to take my chances. I later found out that the same could happen if you drank a cold drink and stepped out immediately into the hot desert air.

You may ask, did it ever really happen? Well, my companion and I pretended it did with a few of the families we had gotten to know well, always with a firm scolding that it wasn’t a laughing matter. They always seemed to know someone with la boca chueca, though in the entire I was there I never saw it happen. 🙂

If you ever journey to Chile and find yourself with a crooked mouth, you can’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂 heh

What are some of the ‘old wives tales’ or myths you have experienced or heard?


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Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

It’s pouring. It’s not just a light rain, or a heavy rain, it is a downpour. Its not so unusual, after all we live in Oregon, but then it’s been downpouring straight for nearly a week, non stop. We have had 7 inches of rain in the last five days! October was record breaking dry, November is record breaking wet (which is really saying something considering it is only the 6th of November). We’ve had 3.5 inches of rain in the last 3 days. I think I am beginning to rust, heh. 🙂 We are expecting another 1-2 inches of rain by tomorrow morning, and 5-7 through the weekend. There is one place that has recieved as much rain as they typically do in one year, in the last five days. Glug, glug, glug. Wave to me if you see me surfing by on my rooftop! 🙂 On a happy note, at least we don’t have water under the house yet, like last year, but I’m sure that as this keeps up we will be dusting off last years Christmas sump pump pretty soon. I love the rain, but I also believe in moderation in all things . . . 🙂


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The Bearded Lady

I stepped out of the shower this morning and began to towell off. “Eek!” I cried as I looked down, “I have a hairy chest!” Then as my horror mounted I realized I had sprouted a beard as well! With abhorrence I cast the offender away and plunged back into the shower. After I was dehaired and dressed I went in search of my husband.

“Darling,” I asked in a venom sweet voice, “did you by chance use my towell last night when cutting your hair?”

Paul looked at me shocked as I explained my unexpected hairy chest and beard. “I used the green towell!” He said. (Mine was purple)

“Umm, my hair is not short and black, dear.”

“Oh, no! I did use it when my hair was too wet and not cutting well.”

“Uhuh,” I said, “now I know what the bearded lady felt like.”

Ladies, beware of hubbies who cut their own hair.


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Work parties always make me nervous. Mingling with people I don’t know and trying not to look too much like a fool in front of Paul’s bosses. Nightmares of people scoffing at the frumpy housewife plague me, not that I picture myself that way or that I would ever choose in a million years to do something different with my life, I just fear the criticism and belittling of something I love so much.

Last night I drove to Paul’s work and picked him up to drive into Portland to his work party at the Greek Cusina. After the first of the awkwardness began to wear off I actually truly enjoyed myself. I love eating food from different cultures, and Greek food is something I have never had the pleasure of enjoying. I don’t remember the names of half the stuff I ate, but it was all incredibly delicious. The highlight of the evening came after dinner.

The owner, a Greek, addressed all of us and welcomed him to his restaurant. He proceeded to ask, “Now, what does Xenium mean? Because Xenos in Greek mean . . . ” and he proceeded in a thick accent to dissect the word for us. I nearly fell of my chair chuckling to myself as I had major flashbacks to one of my favorite movies, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. At least he didn’t pull out the Windex. 🙂 However, after he had finished his dissections of Xenium, he called forth the men and taught them the steps to a classic Greek circle dance. It was a hoot watching Paul and all the others tear up the floor as they gradually went faster and faster around the dance floor. Then the owner stepped into the middle and did a fiery solo dance and proceeded to invite each guy into the middle of the circle to perform a solo. At the finish of each solo the owner poured a drink into their mouth. It was quite a riot, and fun to watch, though we are not drinkers of alcohol in any form or fashion, so Paul ducked out of that one. 🙂 When everyone (except my hubby) had done their solo dance and drink plates were handed all around and they were educated in the tradition of Greek plate smashing. With a resounding “OPA!” and crash plates smashed into the center of the circle.

Then it was our turn. The women came forward and we were taught a little circle dance, though quite different in style. When I dance with my husband, right and left isn’t a problem for me, but when I am in a circle dance or line dance, I can’t tell which is which. I was constantly messing up and when I actually got it right the girl beside me would get it mixed up. It didn’t help that my darling hubby was teasing me from the sidelines, “No! No! The other left!” Finally the owner, seeing that we were a hopeless cause had the girl teaching us stay in the center of the circle and he came and stood right in front of us. It was rather hilarious, and for the most part we actually got it. The coolest part of the dance was the foot stamping and the guys all clapping in the background. We then did a round of solo dances where the men joined in and we danced down the middle of two parallel lines of people. Then plates were passed out to all of the girls.

“OPA!” SMASH! There is something strangely exhilarating about throwing a plate and seeing it smash into a kazillion pieces. 🙂

The dance floor then opened up to dancing in general and Paul and I had some fun dancing about the floor before we had to go home. All in all, it was very enjoyable and not as uncomfortable as I had feared. We even one two free tickets to regal cinemas! 🙂 Woohoo! 🙂 Or should I say “OPA!!!”


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Stress Comes in 1/2 Pints this Year

I never thought I would get to be on a first name basis with my children’s principal, let alone be called in for a conference with Dot’s teacher, and principal. As Paul and I went to the school, I felt like I was being sent to the guillotine.

Obviously we are working through some very stressful things lately. I don’t know what I expected as a mom, I knew that my children wouldn’t always make the right decisions, but I didn’t expect it to be this hard somehow. I want so badly for them to get a good start in life and learn now to make good choices that it kills me to be having such a hard time with my little 6-year-old. Situations like this really make you evaluate how you are as a parent and if there is something you have failed to do.

It is a challenge to remain positive, but I caught myself thinking as Dorothy wrote her 7th or 8th apology note in one week’s time, “Gee, if nothing else, her handwriting (and reading) will get really good!” I must say too that her teacher and principal are great and they realize that Dorothy isn’t a malicious or difficult child, but that she has just been making some poor choices lately, mainly out of curiosity.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it just gives moms lots and lots of gray hair . . .


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1 Year!

A year ago today I managed to set up my first blog and write my first post with quaking hands. In this last year I refound my passion for writing. In this last year I have forged old and new friendships and I am a better person for it. It seems almost impossible to believe that friends I have never met are so near and dear to me, how much I look forward to reading about your adventures, your successes, your rejoicings, your woes.

I have become part of a special community of ‘heart parents’ that I never thought to find through blogging. I have rejoiced and happy danced around my computer over their success stories, bit my fingernails in anxiety, and cried as the world lost some of its brightest stars.

A year ago today I opened a new door of forgotten passions and unnkown friendships. Thank you all for befriending an intrepid blogger and for sharing this past year with me. 🙂


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