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Balloon Fest7

This favorite photo of mine came to mind when I saw the topic for a number of reasons. What reasons come to your mind? (Use your imagination) 🙂 Taken in July at the hot air balloon festival in Utah. It was like walking through a forest of balloons, we could get up so close to them, though we didn’t actually go up in them.


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18 responses to “Light

  1. Did you get to ride in the balloon – what was it like? I bet it was amazing !!

  2. Hi GoofyJ, what comes to mind for me, is that when you ‘light’ a flame in the balloon, it makes the balloon ‘light’er than air? Great shot!

  3. That’s a great shot, I can’t believe how close up you were able to get. I used to live in AZ where they would do these events called “balloon glows” where they would light up all the balloons at night. I can almost hear the “whoosh” of the flame from your photo!

  4. What an awesome shot – no wonder you chose that one! 🙂 That’s one of the main things I still want to do before I take my last breath … go hot air ballooning! 😀

  5. What a wonderful take on today’s subject…Have a great weekend

  6. I always look forward seeing what you have each week! Again, this one is awesome. Your ideas and photos for this blogroll is always great!!!

    Mine’s posted for this week -the subject “lights”. Drop by, won’t you?
    Have a great Saturday Goofy J!!!

  7. Nice take on the theme and beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend:)

  8. What a neat shot and neat take on the theme!

  9. I’d like to ride in one one of these days. Nice choice for the theme this week.

    Am playing too.

  10. Great shot for this week! I can see why you picked it.

  11. That is great! was it fun to ride a balloon?

  12. That’s a great shot of the flame filling the balloon. Too bad you never got to ride in it. A balloon ride would be fun, I think.

  13. Incredible shot! Love the fire feeding the Hot air balloon! Very creative and the fire emits a great light! 🙂

  14. That is an incredible shot. I can almost feel the heat of the flame!

  15. Although I have never been in a hot air balloon, I can imagine while up in the air you would feel very “light” ….. and also that flame must sure give off a lot of “light”!!!

  16. srp

    What a great photo with the light of the fire and the light through the cloth. Fabulous.

  17. I think I’d pee myself if I went up in a hot air balloon any great height. You were smart to only take pictures;-)–>

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