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Reindeer Games

The girls each recieved a ten dollar gift card from Santa Clause at Paul’s work party, (I will get around to posting about that along with photos, just busy) so, I took each them on a pre-Christmas shopping spree.

Later that afternoon they were gathered on the floor playing with their new toys and I overheard this conversation:

Dorothy: Emily can I play?
Emily: No, I’m playing with Elizabeth.
Dorothy: Elizabeth, can I play?
Elizabeth: No, I’m playing with Emily?
Dorothy: Please, I want to play with you.
Emily and Elizabeth: We don’t want to right now, we are playing together.
Dorothy: (in a pouty huffy voice) You guys are treating me like Rudolf!


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Writing Portfolio

I discovered a wonderful site a few months ago on which I have been avidly active, Writing.com. One of the reasons that I haven’t written quite as much as usual here, is that I have been writing alot there. I am taking some classes there and just having a grand old time. But I decided it was about time to share my portfolio with some of my friends, you, who might be interested. So, the link is here, or on my side bar under “Goofy Book” listed as “My Writing Portfolio.” If you do go and read something, please feel free to leave a comment or critique for me, I enjoy and need the feedback. (Oh, and by the way, for those of you who know me as me, please only use my penname over there, J.H. Schmidt or GoofyJ).

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