Daily Archives: December 27, 2006

I am to be…

PUBLISHED!!!!!! Not a book or anything, I haven’t finished that yet and won’t for a loooooooong time. Actually a few months ago I submitted a short story/article to a magazine called the Ensign. I was very excited when I walked out to my mailbox yesterday to find a letter accepting my story for publication! 🙂 One of the cool things is that even though they are buying the rights to publish I get to retain the copyright which means after the story runs I can reuse it if I desire to do so, etc. Or, use excerpts from it, and such. I don’t know yet when it will run, we are still in the paper work stage and it very well could be a number of months to a year or more before it runs, the monthly deadlines are met months ahead of the actual publishing date. (I’ll let you know when I find out what month it will appear, it will be available online as well.) Anyway, I am very excited, it is my first thing ever to be published in official print. My letter even started, “Dear Author.” Boy, was I excited about that one, it thrilled me to no end, and Paul just laughed and laughed. 🙂

Yippee! Happy Dance!!!


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