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It seems that every time I sit down to write lately I either get bombarded by screaming kids, or I start falling asleep. 🙂 With the joy and fun of the Christmas season comes the crazy business that seems to rob me of all time to sit and write about the things happening. 🙂

On Monday we took the kids on a special outing to O.M.S.I – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The reason for this (taking the kids out of school and everything) was so we could see the Star Wars display before it left at the beginning of January. I made sure it was a very educational experience. 😉

We are huge Star Wars fans and the chance to see models, props, costumes, etc. that they actually used in the movies was really cool. Not to mention all the really cool activities they worked in to teach you how they did different things, or how things apply to today’s world.

They taught about how magnatism is used to lift and propel trains.

Kids & Magnetism

They also taught about how air is used with hover crafts, and each of the kids got to go for a ride. Even Jacob. 🙂

Jacob Hovercraft

At another station they got to explore and build robots.

And then there was all the fun we got to have looking at all the models, costumes, props, etc.

Rebel Alliance Starfighter

Paul & Jacob


I even managed to employ the use of the force quite well with my husband, though I have found him some what immune to Jedi mind tricks.

“You do not need to take pictures of me.”
“Give me the camera.”
“You do not need to take pictures of me,” this time with a subtle wave of my hand.
“Hand it over,”
“You do not need to take pictures of me.”
“Your Jedi mind tricks do not work with me.”

*humph* well at least I tried, heh. 🙂

The only thing that I really wished that had been there were some of Padme’s wild costumes. There was just the normal one she wore on Taatooine in the first movie. All in all it was a ton of fun, and a really neat experience.

Oh, more photos can be found on my flickr account.


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My parents brought home red coral from the Philippines. My sister made it into a gorgeous necklace. Here is a close up of one of the red coral beads.


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Rudolph for Christmas

(Sorry to those of you who might have read this over at Queen of Cute Shoes I’m her guest post today, but thought I’d be lazy and use it on my blog too, then I don’t have to come up with something else, heh)

I peered out the frosted window gazing across the shadowy landscape. Everything was snuggled in a white comforter and bathed with pale moonlight. My eyes lifted to the sky searching and scanning the Milky Way. I had known for ages that Santa Clause was just pretend; I think I had known from infancy. After all, how can he bee in all those places at the same time, they were all just old men playing pretend and enjoying the Christmas spirit. Rudolph, however, you never saw him. Even the most famous department stores couldn’t coerce Rudolph into a performance, just replicas of him with an electric nose.

I sighed, tearing myself away from the window pane leaving an oily smudge behind. The house was a vision of joyous chaos as everyone ran every which way.

“You’re Mary this year,” Heidi ordered as a sky blue robe was thrust into my arms.

Rudolph forgotten, I barreled down the hall, shouting at the top of my lungs, “Has anyone seen the blue towel?”

Mom appeared behind me with the blue towel and an army of safety pins and wrapped the towel over my head and snugging it beneath my chin. Every one had a part; there was Joseph, Mary, Shepherds, Wisemen, and an Angel. And Herod. Dad was always Herod. He looked so fierce sitting in his chair, his bald head glowing in the firelight bedecked with jewels and robed in his graduation gown from college days. Mom was always the narrator, pianist, and photographer.

We settled into our places as Mother began to read from the bible, everyone acting out their part, with a few additives as the angel tried to smite Mary rather than just bring her a message, and the shepherds practiced their parrying skills. Songs were sung at the appropriate times and we were taught the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for celebration.

There was homemade almond roca and fudge with hot chocolate sipped by firelight as we listened to more Christmas stories and sang carols around the piano. Brothers and sisters exchanged homemade gifts, and before we could hardly blink the clock was getting ready to chime twelve, which meant Santa would be hear soon. Restlessly I returned to my window, creating a new smudge with my nose.

“If only,” I thought to myself, “I could catch one glimpse of that red nose.”

“What’cha doin’ J? Heidi asked staring over my shoulder trying to see what on earth was so exciting out there.

“I’m looking for Rudolph,” I explained.

She didn’t reply, just mysteriously disappeared and left me to continue to search the starry sky.

“J! J! Come quick, there is something you’ve got to see,” Kimball came tearing into the living room shouting at the top of his lungs and grabbed my arm. Bundled amongst the family I was ushered out onto the front porch.

Slightly annoyed at the cold and the empty dark yard I huffily asked, “What? I don’t see anything.”

“It’s over there,” Paul pointed to the corner of the house.

Sure enough, there was something there just barely peaking around the edge. I gasped in awe, it was glowing red.

”Rudolph!” I exclaimed clapping my hands and laughing.

Dad broke into a big grin and told me to hurry on to bed so Rudolph could help Santa get on his way.

I hardly slept that night for excitement of having seen Rudolph, or maybe it was just knowing that my sister loved me enough to stand in the cold with a flashlight and red cloth, just to make her sister’s dream come true.


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Because My Brain is Fried…

My laptop got to go on a buisness trip to Cincinnati, though it left me behind. ‘Tis the reason I have not written as of late. Our other computer is not in a place where I can work on it and keep an eye on my wascally wabbits that hop about the place. 🙂 I would write something grand, but my brain is fried as I have been working today to catch up on my poetry class. I shall, instead, torture you with my writing of today (in each case we were taught the form mentioned below the title and asked to write a poem according to the prompt):

(we were told to write a 3-5 quatrains about values)
(a kyrielle)

My words soar into empty air,
I know that He is listening there.
“Grant me the faith to trust in Thee,
Thou knowest what is best for me,”

When all alone, in dark I fear;
I feel His tender presence near.
“Give me strength,” is my breathless plea.
“Thou knowest what is best for me.”

I cannot see the end is nigh,
“Thy will be done,” I softly cry.
Harder words there will never be,
“Thou knowest what is best for me.”

When trials I have overcome
And fearsome battles I have won,
A subtle change helps me to see
Thou knowest what is best for me.

A soft embrace to say, “I care,”
I know that He has heard my prayer.
His gentle love has taught that He
Will always know what’s best for me.

(we were asked to write this one about the state of affairs and to use our imagination…)
Housewife’s Lament
(blues sonnet)

My house was immaculate yesterday,
No toys or dirt marred my house yesterday.
All that cleanliness has been swept away.

In just one second, the blink of an eye,
I barely had time to flutter my eye,
My home turned into a disheveled sty.

Dishes are piled, overflowing the sink,
With just one meal, they’re engulfing the sink.
I think the laundry is starting to stink.

Toys scattered, forgotten, across the floor.
Fractured limp cheerios cling to the floor.
My impeccable house is clean no more.

My children, likely, will start to complain
When asked to maintain this humble domain.

(asked to write on part of our everyday routine)
(a sedoka)

Butterflies kiss your
Cheeks at night, their feathery
Wings mingle with pale moonlight.
I slip unbidden
To your room and brush my face
Against sweet slumbering eyes

(asked to write about a facet of our lives)
(a dorsimbra)

I flex my fingers ready to pounce on
Ivory keys. My children gather round
Me. Full of zealous fervor they are drawn,
Instruments in hand, to the joyful sound.

Crash! Bang!
To anyone nearby
The cacophony
Assaults their ears.

But I hear no bedlam, as the joyous
Music wraps my soul into a cocoon
Of pleasure. They dance around the room as
I flex my fingers ready to pounce on.

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Balloon Fest7

This favorite photo of mine came to mind when I saw the topic for a number of reasons. What reasons come to your mind? (Use your imagination) 🙂 Taken in July at the hot air balloon festival in Utah. It was like walking through a forest of balloons, we could get up so close to them, though we didn’t actually go up in them.


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