Come On In…

… and have a seat! Welcome to my new home. After a lot of contemplation I decided to go through with the change that I have been thinking about for months. I think Karen’s decision to make the switch inspired me to action.

The template will still go through some changes, but I think I’m pretty well settled for now. I categorized all posts, so all the old stuff is here, and easy to find (hopefully).

Anyway, drop me a comment and let me know you found me! 🙂



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13 responses to “Come On In…

  1. I found you! I looked for you before when I knew you were making the change, but I had no idea what name you had chosen for your WordPress site.

    The current green goes well with Goofy, but I’m sure you’ll be experimenting a bit. I’m glad you’re on WordPress now. There is a FriendSurfer feature on the Dashboard where WordPress will show you anyone on your blogroll that has a WordPress site. Have you tried it? (Hopefully I will show up on yours.)

  2. I found you. The addy you left in my comment sent me to a Japanese blog so I went over from your old blog to your new one. You forgot to put in the J lol

  3. Alright I have to admit that I have been thinking about changing over to wordpress as well… So now, when Karen makes the leap, we all jump! hehe

    I just wish that I hadn’t updated to the new blogger before I thought about switching. I mean, now I will have to convert everything by hand, BLEH!

    I am thinking about it though. Blogger is just making me so mad!

  4. Found ya! Now I’m going to go update my links 🙂

  5. WordPress rocks. Welcome to the club!

    (Came from Deb, Stephanie etc…)


  6. Welcome to WordPress. I really like it.
    I still need to categorize my posts.
    I haven’t even set up categories yet.

    I will update my links with your new URL.

  7. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

    (Sorry, maybe I’ve been spending a little too much time with my baby. lol)

  8. Happy New Years! This is such a cheery colour!

  9. Great looking site! Thanks for the update!! Now excuse me while I look around :)!

  10. Wow! Everyone is switching! What makes wordpress better? Is it easier to use? Does it have better templates?

  11. I don’t know that the templates are a lot better, though you can updoad your own images to header on some of them, and change the color on others. It is a lot easier to use though. And if you haven’t already switched to the new blogger there is an import tool that will nicely transfer everything over for you. Some of the things I like are: the blog roll is managed seperately, so you fill out a form with the infor and it pops it all into the blog rule, you can have seperate pages of content, for example I have one that people can go to that just talks about me, etc. There are a lot of cool features like built in stats and easy managing of categories, which I like a lot. Anyway, before I get an epistle going here. I started to explore it and after a day or so was so hooked I switched, though I had been contemplating it for months, it took me forever to try it out. I don’t think I would ever switch back now.

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