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A New Page

I added a new page today titled “Books” (the button for it is up above my profile along with “Home” and “About”). I thought it would be fun to keep track of the books I read and see just how many I usually go through in a year. If you have a book that you absolutely love and think I would love feel free to go on in and recommend it to me. If you want to see what I’m reading and what I think of it you can take a look at that too. I won’t have a long dissertation on each book, just a general yay or nay. If you have a question about a certain book, feel free to ask.

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It all started that fateful day I drove my truck into the driveway that wasn’t there and my friends had to tow me out. Since then life just hasn’t been the same. I had been doing so well not being terribly goofy, but boy have I had a total reversal since then. After those crazy holiday events I though, maybe,just maybe, I could continue on with life in a somewhat normal state. Hah!

I was sooooo excited to go walking on Tuesday. I hadn’t been able to walk for two weeks and I was chomping at the bit to get out the door. I finally managed to haul all the kids out the door and we sauntered our way over to the school, but once they were out of site, I popped in my headphones and took off. I felt so good, I was just burnin’ up that pavement, oh yeah.

I made it about half a mile and was nearing a stop sign. I had walked over this ground a million times, what made today any different? Well, that day I managed to find the one uneven spot and my ankle just folds over to the side and sends me flying with all the grace in the world. It wasn’t even the ankle I twisted a week or so ago, nope, it had to be the other one. I resulted in bruising the side of my foot becuase of how I landed on it. Thankfully, the cart(stroller, whatever) prevented me from going all the way down, I just sort of lunged and began hopping across the grass, and the car at the stop sign just sat as though watching me do some crazy sort of dance. But now, I was at least a quarter mile or more from home (becauseof the loop I go on I was closer to home than what I had walked) with a hurting ankle. So, slow and steady wins the race and I managed to hobble my way home again.

Then, later that evening, as I try to cross the fence, my foot catches and I go smashing into the huge bin of legos, whacking my cut off toe, hard, on the top of the fence. I managed to catch my arms on the counter though, and sort of hung there, before struggling back to my feet. Paul heard the crash and came running.

“Is everything ok? Sounded like someone could hav gotten hurt out here.”

“Nope. Just me,” I replied rather nonchalantly, with a I don’t know what your talking about air.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” he replid.

I don’t know, that last sentance says a whole lot….



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