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Ug! Ug!

The girls were lined up coloring at the counter, Jacob was happily scampering about, and I was busily finishing up dinner.  With a subtle creak the front door opened and a flurry of feet hit the floor at the jangle of keys.

“Daddy’s home!” came the chorus from the girls as they pounced upon him from all sides.

“Papa! Papa!” came Jacob’s little voice with his legs carrying him in the fastest duck waddle he could possibly go, arms outstretched. “Uh! Uh!” He cried forcing himself on tippy toes until Paul swung him into a warm embrace.

Things settled down and the girls returned to coloring and Jacob continued to scamper about.  Paul came into the kitchen and gave me a big hug and kiss, encouraged by the shreiks of, “eeewww” from the girls.  Jacob has even learned that word now. heh.

Suddenly, there was a little person squeezing between our legs, “Ug! Ug!”

We looked down and there was Jacob, arms upstretched. “Ug! Ug!” he said again.  Paul crouched down, trying to figure out what he was saying and Jacob catapulted into him wrapping his little arms around his neck. “Ug!” he said, kissed Paul on the cheek and took off.  We chuckled as we realized he had been calling for a hug.

Then, I had an idea.  I whispered something in Paul’s ear and we followed Jacob into the family room to try out my theory.  Paul gave me another hug and kiss, and suddenly Jacob appeared squeezing between us, “Ug! Ug!”  We tested the theory a few times, greeted with more “ew”s fromt he girls and every time there was our little Jacob, “Ug! Ug!”ing away. Giving us both hugs and kisses and going on his merry way.

It made me smile, he’s as bad as our dog Susies when it come to attention. heh 🙂

By the way, Jacob sends you all an “Ug! Ug!”


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