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My New Year Post (a little late)

Often I have sat down with the hoardes at the beginning of the New Year and have jotted down resolutions that I knew would never be completed. This year I just let the year slip in quietly. I didn’t write resolutions, and tell myself that this year I was going to do such and such every day. Goal setting is not a bad thing, it is a very good thing, but sometimes my goals are unrealistic, call for perfection and throw me into guilt when I fail to perform them without fault. I did however make one resolution: a concious decision to improve and make this year better than the last. Shake out the rugs of routine, and through open the windows to let the sunshine in and freshen up my spirits, maybe even dust off a few forgotten dreams. A fresh new start on a fresh new year….

(written in sapphic stanza; a poem for the new year and many other things)

Sunshine come and romp with me, chase the storm clouds
from my face that shroud me in shadow. Wake my
heart and spur my dreams from among the grave of
negligence. Silent

too long, I have wandered in circles waiting
for your warmth to enter my shuttered soul and
stoke the fires of passion and aspiration.
Why have I wandered,

silent, waiting? Can I not open windows
to my soul and chase away gloom that festers
there? Awake my soul and renew the dreams that
once were dead. Awake!

-J.H. Schmidt

(I’ve been playing with creating headers to fit the mood I am in, or my blog is in. Thus the reason for a bit of change today…) 🙂


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Being a toddler, Jacob has a way of copying everything you are doing. Sometimes, as things are a bit hard for him, it can create some marvelous innovations on his part.

It was Christmas time and we had just finished decorating the tree. The house was full of an air of jubilation and frolic fun as joyous music wrapped its arms lovingly our home. I bounced lightly and snapped my fingers as the children danced about my legs. Eager to join in, Jacob began turning circles and bouncing to the music. Then he raised his little hands above his head and began to rub his fingers together. He stopped a moment and looked at his fingers, trying to puzzle out why there was no sound coming from his fingers, when there was from Mommy’s. You could see him mentally shrug his shoulders and continue to rub his fingers together.

But, this time, he was clicking his tongue as he rubbed his fingers. So now, whenever we snap our fingers, he clicks his tongue and rubs his fingers together. To me that is adorable genius. 🙂


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