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Happy Dance!

Gee, if these after Christmas surprises continue through 2007 we are in for a stellar year!

I had just finished mucking my way through an enormous pile of laundry and was industriously ironing Paul’s work shirts and pants when the phone rang. I punched the volume down on “Pride and Prejudice” and answered the phone.

It was Paul with an exciting surprise. He had been thinking of asking his employer for a raise but hadn’t found the right time. Today, they beat him to it. The President of the company asked to meet with him, and continued to congratulate him on all the work he had done. She praised his hard work and told him that he had done far more than they had originally anticipated and concluded by offering him a 10 % raise. Actually when all is said and done, it is just a bit over 10%.

We, of course, are estatic. We can put more in savings for that hypothetical house, which is starting to seem less impossible. 🙂 It also meant a lot to Paul that his efforts were recognized and rewarded. So, feel free to join me in a happy dance around the computer if you wish. 🙂


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Just One Hug

Ok, I have a beef with this one. I wrote the post, published it, and the entire thing disappeared! (except for the title) Grrrrr. So, I guess I get to re-write.

I put Emmy and Jacob into the cart/stroller ready to head off on my walk. My ankle was feeling much better, and with the warm up walk I did yesterday, I was anxious to get going. Dorothy was dancing around the driveway when she saw two of the little girls that she frequently walked to and from school with.

“Mom, can I go walk with them? Please, Mom, please?” she begged.

“Sure,” I replied popping a kiss on her head, “I love you.”

She dashed off anxious to join her friends. I continued to get everything ready to walk while Elizabeth waited patiently. ” I want to walk with you,” she had said when questioned why she didn’t run off with Dot. I pushed in the last of the blankets and we headed off, not rushing, just enjoying the walk. I stopped and spoke with the crossing guard for a few minutes. By the time we were on our way again, Dot was long gone. Most likely already at school I figured. We rounded the last corner and began walking down the last stretch of sidewalk toward school.

In the distance I saw a small figure running at full speed, her back pack flopping up and down. At first I thought she had forgotten something, then I saw the tears. It was her usual upset cry, this was broken hearted sobbing. My mind was frantic as I tried to figure out what was causing such distress.

“They told me they hated me,” she gasped in broken sobs as she flung herself into my outstretched arms.

“Who?” I asked puzzled.

“The girls I was walking with. They really hurt my feelings”

I did my best to console her, hugging her long and hard, reminding her of all the people who loved her, and to remember how she felt so she wouldn’t hurt someone else’s feelings in the same way. But really, in the end all I could do was give her a hug and tell her I loved her. She seemed in better spirits and bordering on happy by the time we reached the school. Moments like this hurt both parent and child. I felt my heart broken with hers. I know there will be many more moments like this too come, though I somehow don’t think they will ever become easier, or that I will ever really know what to say. But, I can always hug. There is a powerful amount of healing in just one hug.


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