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My How They Grow

I have a really good friend who is an excellent photographer.  While I love her work I can’t typically afford her.  Last spring/summer I lucked out.  One of my other really good friends was going into business with her and her photography skills were being trained.  We were asked to be ginuea pigs, and all of a sudden it was affordable.  They did an amazing job, as I expected they would, and I now have an amazing gallery of family photos above my fireplace mantal on the wall of my living room.  Though I couldn’t scan the photos in, she was kind enough to upload all the photos from the sessions onto her website and provided me with a link, and permission to share them. So, here you go: Our Family Photos taken by Rachel O’Neil Photography.  (the ones we chose to get prints of are – counting from left to right, top to bottom – 1,2,3,4,6,7, (a different one of Jacob that she forgot to put up), 9,11, and 18).

We also got the kids back to school pictures done, though these I do at Walmart, for two reasons, they are affordable (a lot more than the at school pictures they do) and of decent quality, and I can be with the kids to make sure we get a good picture.  I just love how in one of Lizard’s photos, and one of Dot’s they have the exact same expression on their faces.  Can’t tell their sisters can ya?  heh 🙂

Elizabeth 2006

Elizabeth 2006 a

Elizabeth 2006 b

Dorothy 2006

Dorothy 2006 a

Dorothy 2006 b

Emily 2006

Emily 2006 a

Emily 2006 b

Jacob 2006:

Jacob 2006 b

Jacob 2006 d

And Finally, the friends I mentioned above took family snapshots at our church Christmas party, free of charge of course. So I give you the family, Decmember 2006 (oh, the fact that we are color coordinated is just happy happenstance, we had no idea they were taking photos, we jsut all wore red because it was Christmas. We decided we look like a sleigh):

Wagner Family Decmeber 2006


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