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Just too funny for words…

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Venerable Lady Julia the Bovine of Melbury Bubblewick
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It was just too funny, really, considering my “cow history“. So, I just had to bring back my ol’ friend, the cow, from my beginning blogger days.


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Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning, stretched and groaned as I eyed the clock, realizing that I had slept a full half hour longer than intended and we’d have to rush to get the kids off to school. I quickly roused them from the depths of their slumber and beckoned them to get dressed. I brushing my teeth when one of them came charging back, full throttle into the bathroom, colliding with my legs and nearly jamming the electric toothbrush half way down my throat.

“It snowed!”

“Huh?” I mumbled around my foaming mouth, slightly bewildered, because though it has definitely been cold enough, I didn’t think it was in the forecast to snow.

“It snowed!” she squealed again and tore back off down the hall. Expecting the usual light dusting that we get overnight from time to time I walked out to the family room and looked out the glass door. To my amazement and joy, this is what I saw (and it was still snowing!):


After a long search we managed to find enough snow stuff that with a ton of layers they were ready to go.


Then Jacob emerged on the scene, not quite sure what to think of this white fluffy stuff, and the fact that he was bundled and stuffed with clothes so tight he could barely move.



“What is this stuff?”


He looks so small in all that snow. 🙂


Then Paul dug the tobagan out of the shed and we pulled the kids around the yard.





I finally took the camera in, because I didn’t want it to get too wet. We decided to go on a snow walk, and with kids on tobagan in tow, we headed down the deserted street, whooping all the way. We wound up at our friends’ house, just a blog behind us. They had their four wheeler out and we hooked the tobagan on it and prodeeded to give everybody rides. All the kids loved it. It has been a grand adventure (made even more fun by the fact that Daddy couldn’t go in to work today). The kids are now begging my attention as they get ready to head back outside to build a snowman…


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