Just When We Thought Things Were Calming Down

Once again I am without my laptop, which makes it really difficult to find time to get much writing done…

There is a small person in our family who is bound and determined to turn me gray. I rather wish I would see those first few hairs pop up on my head so he would quit trying. He succeeded with Paul, but apparently my hair is a bit more stubborn.

There was no school this morning, which made the perfect opportunity to schedule a couple of make-up lessons for piano. The kids and I were up early as usual and after breakfast I got them squirreled away playing happily so I could teach my first student. She arrived at 9:00 and we got started. We were less than 15 minutes into the lesson when a piercing shriek ripped through the house, followed by panicked wailing cries.

“Jacob’s finger got smashed in the door!” Elizabeth came yelling into the living room. I walked over to kiss the poor little finger, and then I saw it dripping with blood. I scooped him into my arms and walked back to my bathroom to wash the finger off and stick a band-aid on it. “Oh boy,” I muttered, “a band-aid isn’t going to fix that.”

So after what seemed like a million phone calls, find a babysitter, call the other student, call the doctor, call the husband… I was finally on my way with a sobbing toddler and a tender big sister in the back seat, holding the towel around his hand and trying to comfort him.

The doctor was afraid it was broken and sent us to the hospital for x-rays. Jacob was a real trooper and received a little stuffed goat (which in his mind is a dog) much to his delight, as he waved his bandaged index finger and said “Ook! (look) Owie!” We drove back to the doctor’s office, and much to our relief, the finger was not broken. It was rather badly damaged however. Our ped glued the laceration shut and proceeded to explain that for it to heal we needed to immobilize it. A finger splint was out of the question, so a whole arm splint was brought in. The wrapped up the poor battered finger in gauze and fitted the splint to his hand and arm. Jacob sat and watched, fascinated, as the wrapped the bright orange bandage with smiley faces on it around and around his arm. When they were done he waved his arm in the air, “Ook! Ook!” trying to decide just what to think of it. (Now it looks like he did some major damage to his whole arm, I can hear all the exclamations of dismay on Sunday already)

The poor little tyke hasn’t taken such a sound nap in months as he did today after his little ordeal. One of the drawback is that it was his left index finger that got smashed, and he is primarily left-handed, but I’m sure he will compensate just fine. We should only have to splint it through the weekend, the doc will check it Monday morning when we are in for his Synagis (RSV) shot.

Well, though I had intended to write today, I hadn’t quite expected such excitement to write about…

If Jacob keeps all this up our lives will be anything but boring. heh 🙂

Jacob and the infamous hurt finger


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17 responses to “Just When We Thought Things Were Calming Down

  1. There’s shots for RSV??? My son was hospitalized for it.

  2. Yup there is shots for RSV but they are quite strict on who they give it to (kids with heart defects, preemies ect) because it it horribly expensive.

    I hope your poor guy feels better soon. I know what you mean about people talking on Sundays. We are always getting questions about Evan’s horrible facial bruises. Evan gets them especially frequently since he can’t catch himself very well when he falls.

  3. No he’s better now, that was almost a year ago. RSV sucks! Nobody really knows about it and I had no idea what was going on. My doctor told me he just has asthma and prescribed this medicine I tried a homeopathic remedy for a day and that wasn’t working so I went to get his medicine which he couldn’t take cuz he had to take it with applesauce (wasn’t on solids yet). I didn’t buy it and then I went home in tears. I finally took him to a walk in and he made us go to the ER right away. We spent two nights in the hospital. I had no idea what RSV was at the time. I’ll definately know for next time. He had to have epinephrine even. Poor little dude! Good thing is he’s 14 months and only been sick twice…he had a runny nose for the first time over xmas.

  4. So glad you haven’t had anymore problems. RSV can really take some by surprise, especially when they don’t fall into the at risk category. Thankfully we haven’t had to go through RSV with Jacob, and we are very grateful for the vaccine, there were a few moments last year when I think we were heading that direction but luckily never got there. Thanks for stopping by, I glad your little guy came through it ok. If there is one thing I’ve learned with our experiences with Jacob, these little tykes sure are strong little fighters. They amaze me. 🙂

  5. Oh poor thing. He’s totally adorable!!

  6. While she was still in the hospital, M got RSV. It was one of the most aweful weeks of my life. We almost lost her more times than I care to count. She got the shots for two years after that.

    I am so sorry to hear that Jacob was hurt! No fun at all!!!

  7. As usual, I saw the picture before I read the blog. Yikes! Glad you all made it out okay. I think your whole family needs yoga, if not, your girls might end up going gray with you!

  8. Whew! Glad it’s not broken. That kind of excitement in our days we can definitely live without!

  9. Wow, that RSV story sounds worse than mine. My son wasn’t hooked up to a monitor like the other kids in “rsv room”. He never had to get shots or anything either. I just had to give him medicine through a oxygen mask for about a week after.

  10. Poor little Jacob! I am glad, though, that he was a good sport about the doctor visit and that his little digit isn’t broken. What a little sweetie!

  11. Poor guy. Hope he heals quickly.

    I am guessing this may be our last year for synagis shots.

    The nurse said Sophia was already pretty old to still be getting them and suggested it would be pretty difficult to get insurance to pay for them next year.

    I am pretty sure they are over $1000 a shot.

  12. OK, now I really know I’m old. What on earth is RSV? Is there an “old” name for it[say like, um… consumption meaning tuberculosis?]

    Glad Jacob made it through the worst of his ordeal OK. At his age it doesn’t matter a whole lot if the dominant hand is out of comission. Even in the erarly grades in school, it is not too difficult to train onesself to become ambidexterous. (Think of the generations of us forced into using our right hands at school. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who continued to use my left hand at home, thus training myself to both. And I’ve seen many young children with a broken dominant arm able to write just as well with the non-dominant hand quite soon.) Jacob will probably be bemoaning the loss of his smiley faces before using the wrong hand becomes an issue! Still…poor guy, what a trauma!

  13. RSV is pretty much just a cold. It’s a nasty cold that can really hurt the little ones. It mainly effects their respiratory system making it hard for them to breathe…lots of babies get apnea and whatnot. I could hear my son wheezing across my entire house…even outside our front door. Anyway, everyone gets it at some point. A normal two year old can get it and not have problems, most kids actually get it before they’re three. It was scary cuz mine got it around the same time my sis-in-laws pre-me was born. It probably woulda killed him. It was a bunch of chances and an odd change of plans that made it so we never came in contact with their family. I dunno what RSV stands for…i forget.

  14. RSV shots… uh … last year Matthew’s were between $1500 and $2200 a shot … my insurance paid $895. per shot and he needed for 6 months…
    this year.. because of his fragile lungs and heart defect… he still needs the RSV shot… and because of his weight.. is expected to be approx $5000. per shot. Now, I haven’t seen a bill yet.. but that’s what an office mgr told me….

    Isn’t that disgusting !! How can that be right?

    My husband actually knows the man who invented the synagis vaccine for it, and talked with him recently. Apparantly it is a very long and difficult process to create the shot in the first place, which is one of the reasons it is so expensive. He did say that they are still working on speeding up the process so they can eventually reduce the cost. I’ll have to ask Paul if he remembers what the guy said the process of creating the vaccine was. He told me at one point, but I don’t remember it very well, I just remember thinking, “wow!” Our co-pay (20%) for Jacob’s shot this month will be about $800…

  15. and…
    what a cute little face… he’s simply adorable!!!
    Love the little cast w/ smiley’s!!!!

  16. Hey… thanks for the explanation…
    I would love to know what that process is …

    Matthew was on a breathing treatment once that cost $1400 for a 10 day supply … I found out later that it was genetically formulated
    Chinese hampster ovaries…..
    isn’t that hysterical… who’d ever think that hampster overies can help you breathe!!

  17. Ha ha, my ovaries just make me….pregnant…which doesn’t help breathing. I’m not Chinese though.

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