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It’s here! 🙂

Silver 1

And just in case you were wondering just what that was (you probably weren’t, but I’ll post the full pic I took anyway)…

Silver 2

My daughter accidently knocked it over one day and most of the candles broke, which I why they look crooked, we didn’t have any new ones in the house, so I just took the pic, funny looking candles and all. 🙂


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13 responses to “Silver

  1. Cant’ wait to see it. Happy weekend.

  2. at first I thought the first photo was a reflection in a mirror. it’s marvelous!

  3. What a beautiful picture…I love it..thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend

  4. That is one beautiful picture, it looks wonderful.

  5. This reminds me of the candle sticks we have. We used to light it every Friday night…then we stopped. Haven’t polished it since.

  6. The funny looking candles five it character. I love it! I’m enjoying the “silver” pics on blogroll….of course, I like most shiny things. 🙂

  7. Oh it’s just lovely to see a candelabra. It looks pretty cool. Wasn’t able to join the Photo hunters. I was at a loss when I was going to post and all of a sudden I couldn’t open my own blogger as I was switched to the new blogger buzz and not the blogger beta. They said blogger beta is already dead and this is the new one. So anyway, no Photo Hunter today but have something special for everyone. Please do visit if you have the time.

  8. I love the closeup photo of the candle holder. That is a very unique silver pic. We’ve had a few unlit candles knocked over and broken in our home too, lol. They still burn great.

    Have a great week,
    Biker Betty 🙂

  9. A sword hilt? No, let me look again…fireplace irons? No, I give up. What a beautiful piece! I had a set of old silver candlesticks. I still have one. I like the character of the older styles. Yours is lovely, and the detail picture was intriguing.

  10. What a cool silver candelabra. Great choice for this week’s theme!

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