Maybe It’s Time to Potty Train

None of my children have ever potty trained at an early age, and yes, I consider 2 to be an early age. Elizabeth and Dorothy were so close in age that they kind of fed off each other and seemed to take forever to get the hang of the toilet thing. Emily was almost trained at just over 2 1/2 when Jacob was born and that threw a wrench into that business.

Jacob, however, has been a surprise to me. For quite a long time he has told us when his diaper is stinky (none of my girls really ever did that) and lately he tells me his diaper is stinky when he has just wet it. Today however was a great breakthrough that makes me think it is time to dig that potty chair out of the chaos of our garage.

I was sitting in my chair reading (I have a nasty horrible cold, thank you Jacob, and decided to be lazy and rest in hopes of making it go away sooner) when the little tyke came up to me and patted me on the leg. “I stinky” he said as I looked up from my book.

His face was red and somewhat strained, no question as to the business he was working on right then.

“Did you go stinky?” I asked as the strong aroma floated my way.

“Yes,” he says and points to his bottom. “Stinky.”

It was the first time he has ever told me before/during the act. I know it is a little silly to blog about, but all of you moms who have gone through the trial of potty training, will appreciate my joy, as I think he might be ready, before I even imagined. Once he is trained it will be the first time in 8 years that I haven’t had a kid in diapers. WOOHOO! (Now, that is a cause for celebration, if ever I heard one. Bring on the potty!)



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12 responses to “Maybe It’s Time to Potty Train

  1. Yep, that’s what Little Red has been doing for months. But he still prefers to do it in his diaper and get changed right away than do it on the potty. It’s exciting to see them figure things out on their own, don’t you think?
    Good luck with the training! You deserve some non-diaper time!

    It is exciting to see them figure things out on their own. It will be interesting to see how Jacob takes to the potty, it’s neat to think that he is ready to start the process long before I was planning on it.

  2. That’s one thing I’m afaid i will be giving up in June or July. So sad:(

  3. Horray! That most certainly is something to be excited about … yay!! Any mom would totally understand your excitement! Be sure to keep us updated in how it’s going.

    Lately Dominic, too, has been coming to me after the fact and saying “tinky!”, but since he’s not even 22 months old I thought he was too young … maybe not.

    I will definitely keep you posted, this is just the beginning, so it will take a while. I definitely wasn’t thinking about potty training Jacob this early, I guess everyone is ready at their own time

  4. That is wonderful!!! And I thought boys were usually slower to potty train than girls. Super Jacob:)!

    Elijah is pretty much potty trained, but too scared to poop on the toilet, so he asks for a diaper to push in. Joseph is still in diapers, although will pee on the toilet and has occasionally pooped as well. I am worried that I’ll have three in diapers in a couple of months! Hopefully Elijah will overcome his fear by then. I can’t imagine changing three diapers!

    Three in diapers is tough, my three girls were all still in diapers/pull-ups at one point, and I was so relieved when the two older girls finally potty trained all the way. I hope for your sake that you don’t have to worry about that. It wasn’t so much the changing I minded, but the strain on the budget. We were budgeting way over $100 a month on diapers alone, it was crazy! At this point I can’t even imagine not having to by diapers, it seems strange enough to only have to budget for one child. 🙂 I hope he overcomes his fear too, wishing the best of luck for you

  5. I just finished training L , what a joy! No more diapers in this house! I vote that you try Jacob out, but don’t push too hard. I have heard that when they have models (older siblings), it can be much easier to train. For example, I had M tell L all about the potty and how it works. That way M felt really good when L did what she was supposed to. It involved both of them and worked really well.

    Good luck!

    Yay for you! 🙂 No worries on pushing too hard, I have learned with the first three that they will be potty trained when they are ready, not when I am… just the thought of having no diapers in the house almost makes me giddy though. 🙂 And I agree that it is easier with older sibllings around, Emily potty trained faster (aside from the draw back surrounding Jacob’s birth) than her sisters did.

  6. I can totally understand your excitement — 8 years is a long time to be dealing with diapers!! I think it’s too cute that he actually says “stinky” to tell you when he needs a diaper 🙂 Brayden already signs for a diaper when he is dirty or wet, so I’m hoping that means he will potty train early!!!!

  7. I don’t believe you … and if you want to know why…
    go to:


    Ha ha! After the spam email, which I deleted, you had me going there for a minute, and I am thinking, but it’s from Terri’s email. Then I checked out the link. 🙂

  8. You get spam on your site?????

    Uh… is mine considered “spam”?? I hope it was okay that I did that… My mom was kind of irritated about the whole thing … ?? yikes …. I get carried away and forget that I’m not 12 anymore….

    Jenn, “Jenny Ha Ha” just found out that her little 3 year old girl has a heart defect … she’s going in for an ECHO tomorrow… they have to go 3 hours to a pediatric cardiologist.. she has three little children… and lives in Texas….
    she’s the funniest girl…. her blog is hysterical.

    They are in a bit of an insurance mess (which you know that I KNOW ALL TOO WELL ABOUT)
    they had the most basic plan that doesn’t cover anything other than regular doctor appointments….
    it’s just a bit of an insurance nightmare right now…

    Happy Thursday…
    and … I do believe you!

    No worries – you’re not spam 🙂 It was just that right before you posted your comment, someone (also named Teri, but with one r, go figure) posted a spam message about sharing your potty training story on TV or something equally stupid in way of an advertisement for how to potty train your child. I don’t get spam often, just every once in a while. So, after reading that comment, yours was a litle confusing, but the difference was that I knew who you were, so I figured it must be some kind of corny joke. 🙂 I checked out the site, and it gave me a good laugh. Don’t worry, it really didn’t bother me. To bad about Jenn, I’ll check out her site in more detail, I hope it’s not a serious defect. We’ll keep her in our prayers. Happy Thursday! 🙂

    P.S. What if I say that I don’t believe you that you believe me? heh 🙂

  9. Good luck! Evan will still not cop to being poopy. I am trying to make a big deal of it and get him to tell me but so far no go. I am planning on him being in diapers until he leaves for college lol That way I will be surprised when he does potty train.

  10. Hey everyone .. it’s not just Mom’s that get excited. I got very excited when Connor called out from the toilet that he had laid a “cable” …. ok he called out “poo”.

    Apologies for being gross but I must keep some of the male image up.

    Thanks for visiting The Special Zipper Julia and I will get to catching up on your blog and your son’s condition.

    All the best

  11. Oh, good luck with the training. Eight years is a long time to deal with diapers!

  12. My son did the same thing as Jacob is doing now. Though his word of choice was “eww”. He would tell me BEFORE the deed so he could sit on the potty. Even though that was at age 2 it still took him a year to be fully toilet-trained.

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